2017 Dodge Magnum: new rumors


Back in 2004, Dodge have produced sportwagon based on Chrysler 300 platform, called Magnum. It was a unique car combined practicality and powerful V8 engine. Analytics claimed that for now on Fiat Chrysler is lack of station wagons in model line, especially in the North American market. The most obvious recepe to saturate the market – bring Magnum brand back. However, all available information now is on speculations and rumors level, so it might be true or not.

It is reported that brand new 2017 Magnum will have enlarged body, compared to the predecessor, especially the luggage compartment. Just like the 2017 Chevy El Camino, it is a ressurection of the famous brand.

2017 Dodge Magnum release date

Sources claimed that new Dodge sporty station wagon will be available for sale not earlier than 2017. It’s debut might held in one of the US motor shows, more likely in Detroit.

Release date: 2017

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2017 Dodge Magnum price

There is definitely neither confirmed information regarding the exact release date, nor official pricing. We might only speculating that Magnum will be available on nearly the same price tag as the current generation of Dodge Charger – starting at around $30,000.

2017 Dodge Magnum exterior

There is no official images available for the next generation Dodge Magnum, only renders from enthusiasts. According to these images, Magnum will be more likely just a station wagon modification of the current Dodge Charger. It keep the front fascia of the donor car, including design of the headlights, DRLs in the front bumper niches, sporty-looking hood and muscular forges on the front doors.

It seems to be a quite logical solution – instead of designing the whole new body it is much easier (and cheaper) just to modify the current one. However, the official car might have absolutely different design decisions.

2017 Dodge Magnum interior

As well as the outer appearance of the car, the interior will more likely to doubled Charger’s. It means the interior features massive center console with large screen of infontainment system on top, between the vents; It will be combined with large dashboard and look as the one piece. The car might also recieved start/stop button, gear level design and the other minor details sharing with same platform Charger.

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2017 Dodge Magnum specs

As we mentioned above, the car is most likely to received the same Chrysler LX platform as Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 300. It is a good point, and what is more important this platform allows to mount a wide variety of powertrains and transmissions, with RWD or AWD layout. Moreover, the last generation Magnum was based on the same platform.

The car is likely to receive the same engine range as current generation LX-platform vehicles, namely the Charger. The engine range consist of 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 producing 292 HP (304 HP modification, installed on 300 by Chrysler is also possible) and good-old 5.7 Hemi V8 producing 370 HP.

SRT version of 2017 Dodge Magnum is also quite possible. Unlike SRT Hellcat, it received only 392 cubic inch Hemi V8 (6.4L) with power output of around 490 HP. With this engine it might be fastest US-made station wagon with 0-60 acceleration time in less than 4.7 seconds, which exceed the previous result of Dodge Magnum SRT-8 of 2008 model year – 5.1 sec.

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2017 Dodge Magnum video

Dodge Magnum brand history

Magnum debuted in 2004 as 2005 model year car, mainly as a station wagon modification of Chrysler 300 exclusively for North American market, while Chrysler badged wagon sold in Australia and Europe. The basic engine for the car was 2.7L V6 with the output of only 190 HP.

The other two engine options were 5.7L Hemi engine (340 HP) and 3.5L V6 (250 HP), along with SRT8 Hemi (6.1L, 425 HP). Trim level names were RT (5.7 Hemi), SXT (3.5 V6) and SE (2.7 V6).

The car was available with RWD and AWD layout, equipped with 4-speed automatic for RWD modifications and 5-speed automatic for AWD modifications and high-performance one with Hemi engines.

The production ends in 2008 after massive sales decline – less than 7,000 pcs were sold. That year Chrysler get rid of many models, including Crossfire, Pacifica, and convertible version of PT Cruiser.

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  • Fred Crone

    If The Dodge Magnum Came out in 2017 I would buy a 3.6L, I currently own a 2007 SXT Magnum, along with a 2014 300S which are the same platforms, in turn the Charger.

  • Deston Jackson

    If the 2017 magnum comes out I’m definitely going to trade in my car for the 392 magnum edition. Well it will be easy since I do currently own a 2006 SRT8 magnum. Fyi I never thought of every getting rid of it but for this new one I will!!!

    • Buddy Miller

      Buddy Miller
      I bought a new 2005 Black Magnum RT in Nov 22 2004. Want be long until in will be 11 years old, one of the best cars I have ever owned. It has 73,000 miles on in it now and has that like new look. Garaged keep car. I would buy a new Magnum if they build one. But I don’t think they will build the Magnum again. So I will just keep my Black Magnum RT and keep it in like new condition. I still have lots of people talk to me about the Magnum and want to buy it.
      Buddy In Ky.

  • Nothappening

    My sister works for Chrysler. I just showed her the pictures of it and she said that they are making the panels for it right now.

    • Buddy Miller

      Keep us updated. I am waiting for the Magnum wagon to be built again. I wold be a buyer.

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The new station wagon on Charger basis - is it only rumors or actual upcoming car. We will find out later in 2017.

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