2017 Dodge Rampage – concept ready to appear


Dodge is going to introduce a remarkable new concept car called the Dodge Rampage in 2017.
As the competition hot’s up, Dodge will update the Rampage with lots of new features, ready to take on the competition.

2017 Dodge Rampage release date and models price

While Dodge haven’t confirmed the rumors, we expect to see the Rampage on sale at some point in 2017, with a price in the region of $35,000.

Release date: 2017

2017 Dodge Rampage redesign

We obviously don’t have any confirmed specifications, but the rumors say that Dodge will launch the Rampage as an update to the previous model, it will be fitted with LED headlights, alloy rims and an updated grille. It is also thought that the cabin trim materials will be of a higher specification.

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2017 Dodge Rampage engine

Anything called a ‘Rampage’ must be able to live up to its name. For this reason, the rumors say that the new truck should be fitted with a 5.7 liter V8 Hemi engine, producing around 345 BHP, coupled to a 5-speed auto transmission, this should give approximately between 15 MPG – 18 MPG. The base model with have front-wheel drive only, although we do expect to see other options. We think the truck may be offered with a big diesel engine, and possibly a hybrid version also.

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2017 Dodge Rampage video review

2017 Dodge Rampage interior

The cabin will also have minor modifications, including full leather and a redesigned dashboard. Thanks to the increase in size, occupants will get increased legroom and possibly a larger load carrying area.

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2017 Dodge Rampage pictures

  • Kentucky red

    I hope it looks better than the pics I’ve seen. Although I do like the ideal of a built in ramp as an option. I was hopeing they would bring back the Dakota.

  • Pretty fly for a white guy

    I was looking for a pickup I could use in sales rather than the industry go to SUVs. This looks like it could be it, especially if the diesel or potential hybrid gets good enough fuel mileage.

  • aff4366

    when will they realize…those triangular flanges on the right and left of the rear window reduce the effective capacity of the truck bed. Fucking idiots!

    • Imp_ulse

      its clearly a sport truck not a work truck, so who cares, Fucking Idiot!

      • Peaceful Pete

        Do you work for Doge or something? He made a valid observation and critique of a third party and you became personally offended. Take a chill pill bro. I think it look pretty sweet.

    • Mallory Underhill

      I’m thinking these serve a purpose if it be for stability, safety or aerodynamics… It’s the first year, I guarantee if they don’t have a true purpose they will eliminate them in future model years.

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It definitely not the best time for Fiat Chrysler to release a completely new truck outside Ram brand, so it is more likely to stay on the prototype stage.

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