Karma Revero Is A New Name To Fisker Model


Karma Revero release has given birth to numerous rumors as well as gossips. Criticism is that it is not a new model but a remake of the previous version with insignificant changes. It is true. Fisker Karma is going to be much like the old Fisker offered as a new auto.

Return to the market has taken a long way for this model. After Fisker has gone bankrupt many started to think that this swoopy hybrid would not come back. Nevertheless, Wanxiang still did not give up on this auto. Thus, it obtained the rights which happened in 2014. Its price was as much as $149,2 million. Fisker had 22 employees only those days. Freshly born Karma Automotive has managed to expand itself. The growth was rapid. Now that 2016 is on Karma Automotive can boast about 967 employees. This is the effort Karma makes in order to bring Karma Revero to life.

Up to $130,000

The price of Fisker Karma was around $103,000 for standard model. Now that Revero is on its way back it is going to cost more money. Thus, you will have to pay at least $130,000. The options offered are not that various in fact. You can choose between colours, calipers as well as wheels. There will be new features which have not been revealed yet. However, those of you who could not afford Fisker should not bother about obtaining Karma Revero.

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Some Tech Updates

Revero has not changed its engine dramatically. Similar to Karma it runs on the turbocharged unit with four cylinders which provide 260 horsepower. General Motors is responsible for this powerplant. As for electrical part, it has gone through changes. DC that charges at 40kW is now available. The model is equipped with a charger which can be used on board with 6.6 kW. Thus, it is 3.3 kW more compared to the earlier version. The battery of A123 cells is still here. It offers 21.4 kW of capacity now instead of 20.4 kW. Thus, the model is perfect for the range of 50 miles. 2017 Karma Revero makes it from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds which is one second slowlier. Fuel efficiency aspect is not going to change significantly.


Karma has united its efforts with Rightware. Kanzi UI elements are now used for design purposes. Thus, higher quality of touchscreen if offered. Very respond to a touch is much sharper. HVAC access is here as well. The screen itself is upgraded with 60 frames per second. There will be Apple CarPlay used along with AndroidAuto. 4G connection is another improvement along with off-line maps. You can also use functions to monitor traffic on-line. New features are also in progress.

Recent News

Karma uses the same machines in California region which Valmet used to create the series in Finland. It is connected with many employees from Valmet being engaged in work on the brand in California.

Revero has the same solar roof. It can be used to power the auto. Depending on weather conditions the roof of such type can generate around 1.5 miles per day.

You can already place orders for this car since on-line orders are finally available.

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