Ford Expedition Get Facelift and EcoBoost Engine


The Expedition model has long been asking for an upgrade, but Ford did not dare to take this step. It is not entirely clear for what reasons, but so far sales have not become catastrophic, even the minimal restyling the SUV has not received. But still spurred the situation on the market of Ford company to go for more decisive actions, as a result of which appeared updated Ford Expedition significantly changed compared to its predecessor.

Update – a correct, step though slightly belated. Anyway, in February of this year we were able to see updated Ford Expedition for the first time in a new image. Interestingly, they held a presentation in the cities of Dallas, Texas. The place is chosen for a reason, since it was here that the largest number of these SUVs were sold in the history of the model’s existence.

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Nearly All The Same

According to the photo and video materials, you can immediately understand that the new Expedition has changed outwardly quite noticeably. First of all, completely new lights appeared, and the radiator grille was encased in a chrome shell, which gave the appearance of solidity and modernity. Let’s note an interesting huge bumper with slots of the bottom air intake, it’s hard not to notice it. Traditionally for new cars, the fog lamps have been made on the basis of LEDs.

If you look at the novelty from the side, it will appear that the changes did not happen. Do not you think this is really so. In terms of profile, the SUV looked good and modern. Therefore, designers decided to limit themselves to increasing the assortment of rims, which could be 18 inches, and in top performance reach a diameter of 22 inches. And so the car remained with large wheel arches, powerful exterior rearview mirrors, large doors and a neat even roof.

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The SUV’s forage received a modified trunk door with chrome planks, a new exhaust pipe that now boasts a chrome-plated nozzle. In principle, this is all the changes in the exterior. Let us recall just how the dimensions of the updated SUV became. As before, Ford offers two versions of the wheelbase – standard and increased.

Bring Modern Features

The interior really became much more interesting, attractive, modern and functional. No one complained about the level of comfort and spaciousness of the salon, and therefore the main emphasis of designers and engineers was made to give the car an actual appearance and modern features.

In this regard, the SUV acquired a new dashboard, which consists of two color displays of 4.2 inches. The central console has become a full-fledged modern multimedia complex by installing an 8-inch touchscreen and SYNC system. By the way, now management is available and voice. And for the management of the climate system is the new block, which has also become beautiful and relevant. It is important to add that this time Ford did not stint on the finishing materials. They are really better and more pleasant. Moreover, in expensive trim levels it is possible to receive completely a leather interior.

Now EcoBoosted

The capabilities of this car have become higher, despite the availability of a new engine. If earlier under the hood of Expedition there was a 5.4-liter engine with 8 cylinders, now the company decided to go another route. Namely, by reducing the volume of the engine.

Now in the engine compartment, there is a petrol six-cylinder power unit with a volume of 3.5 liters. But not everything is so simple. It belongs to the family motor EcoBoost and is equipped with a turbocharger. This allows you to give out 370 horsepower and 420 ft lb of torque. This motor is equipped with a six-speed automatic, which has a manual mode. Buyers will be offered two options for the drive layout – rear and AWD.

2017 Ford Expedition
Engine type DOHC 24V V6, direct fuel injection, twin turbo
Displacement 3,5L
Power/torque 365 hp; 420 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed automatic
Wheelbase 119 inch
Length 206 inch
Height 77,2 in
Passenger volume 178,9 cubic ft
Cargo volume 18,6-108.3 cubic ft
0-60 6,4 sec
Top speed 113 mph
PRICE RANGE: starting $46,000 (est)
Competitors: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe
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We hope that new 2017 model year Expedition will get the same attention to details as its younger brother - Ford Explorer.

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