2017 Ford F-250 Is Heavy Duty Ready Updated


Pickups in America are a staple form of transport, it is one of the largest markets for vehicle manufacturers and Ford are perhaps the biggest player in that area. The F series has been around for decades, it has sold well and that is why Ford continue to push and develop the model. The latest 2017 Ford F250 has had some great engineering upgrades, along with minor detailing and styling. The new 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty is available from your local Ford dealer right now.

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The Question of Price for 2017 Ford F-250

Pricing for the F250 has increased slightly for the base model – it’s up $150 from the last model, however, the topline Platinum model sees an increase of over $5,000. The base model starts at $33,730, the flagship sells for $63,305. While the price seems good for the base model, be aware that nearly everything is an extra, including powered windows & locks; only available in the Power Equipment option which costs a further $915.

What Is Updated In 2017 F-250

First up, Ford have enlarged the fuel tank which should give extended range, a useful upgrade that many manufacturers don’t consider. Coupled with this is a significant weight reduction thanks to the aluminum body, Ford say the weight has been reduced by up to 350 lbs, although of course, some of that will be offset by the larger fuel tank (when fully fuelled).

Inside the cabin, Ford have done an excellent job with the trim, even more so on the Platinum model. You’ll never feel like you’re inside the cabin of a European luxury sedan, but the leather is high quality and the sound proofing is abundant; the overall ride quality and NVH is excellent for such a vehicle, perhaps class leading. Sync3 infotainment is a further option, it comes with a high def screen and navigation, but you’ll need to stump up a further $2,000.

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Ford F-250 2017 Is When Power Is Everything

As standard, the F250 comes with a 6.2 liter 385 BHP 430 ft/lb V8 gasoline engine, but for a further $8,595, you can have the turbo diesel V8; 6.7 liter and an absolutely gargantuan 925 lb/ft of torque – that’s enough torque to change the axis of the world! Power is sent to the rear wheels as standard through a 6-speed auto transmission, but again, that can be upgraded to all four wheels.
Body styles are SuperCab or Crew Cab and there are choices for bed length also; either 6.75 ft or 8.0 ft.

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4.6 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.7
  • Features4.5
  • Fuel economy4.5

The new Super Duty Ford truck features unique exterior design, new features, and what is more important - powerful engines to choose from.

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