Ford presents new generation 2017 Ford F150 Raptor model


Charged modification of a pickup truck Ford F150 Raptor was demonstrated by American automaker. Variation presents new generation model 2017 ford f150 Raptor, the most powerful model of the legendary off-road vehicle. This is represented on the photo car characteristics are based on brand new turbo power unit.

For those wishing to buy Ford F150 Raptor price of a pickup can seem quite impressive. However, shown in the photo Ford f 150 Raptor is just a pickup truck and a real off road vehicle with the presence of the cargo compartment.

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2017 Ford F150 release date

Wishing the new generation of pickup Ford f 150 Raptor buy to carry out his wish will be able in the autumn of 2016. About the possibility of the appearance of the new Ford F150 Raptor on the Russian market is unknown, however, the “gray” dealers will provide domestic consumers with the necessary number of required vehicles.

Release date: autumn 2016

2017 Ford F150 Raptor price

The brand new Raptor price is set between the range of $49,520 – $52,505 without options.

2017 Ford F150 dimensions

Posted a review video Ford F150 Raptor 2016-2017 says that the Ford pickup Raptor F is based on a reinforced frame. Maximum possible use of the engineers of the automaker’s aluminum body panels reduced weight novelty of its predecessor on CH. Body size off-road car remained the same and is represented by the following parameters:

Length, mm 5603

Height, mm 1994

Width, mm 2192

Ground clearance, mm 280

Published pickup Ford F150 Raptor photo new generation of models demonstrates the presence of a new wheeled 17-inch discs with impressive off-road tires BFGoogrich. Also posted at the predecessor for the right rear wheel still dual exhaust pipe new Ford Raptor F150 has been replaced installed under the rear bumper separate exhaust pipes, which issued a new integrated double-flow exhaust system off-road the car is equipped for the first time.

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2017 Ford F150 Raptor video review

2017 Ford F150 Raptor SVT engine

New Ford f 150 Raptor specifications are based on a more lightweight and economical EcoBoost petrol power plant, which will have the following characteristics:

Volume l 3,5

Number of cylinders 6

The location -//- V-shaped

The presence of turbochargers 2

The designated powerplant Ford F150 SVT Raptor reviews which so far are purely theoretical in nature, will replace the previous 6.2-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine, outstanding l.with. and nm. While the power potential of the new turbo motor Ford F150 Raptor price which also will increase substantially above the aforementioned indices predecessor, despite the smaller volume that needs to compensate for the turbo.

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It should be noted that this new installation in the most powerful variation is now integrated on the new Lincoln Navigator, who she develops l.with. and nm. It turns out that the new generation Ford Raptor F150 SVT, this engine was prone to speeding up. Aggregate motor is brand new with a ten instead of a machine dedicated six automatic transmission.

The engine produce around 450 HP – more than the previous 411-HP V8. Thanks to a major weight decrease, the performance of the new Raptor is going to be outstanding.

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2017 Ford F150 specs

Increased price Ford f 150 Raptor assumes the new enhanced suspension with thicker sports shock absorbers from Fox Racing. The increasing intensity of the suspension contributed to a further increase in engineers working her moves on 63 to 284 76mm-305mm. Also off-road auto was provided with a new system called Terrain Management System, which change the settings of the motor, stabilization system, ABS, transmission, relative to the selected modes of functionality.

In addition, Ford F150 Raptor became the owner of a new and more convenient to use four-wheel drive. For example, the predecessor of connect the front axle was carried out forcibly and harshly, but the new generation of pickup the connection of the front axle is implemented multi-plate clutch. When activated all wheels clutch constantly measured the degree of locking and is adjusted flexibly passed to the front axle traction. This forced a hard block axle rear differential was retained, but the front axle is integrated mechanical samoblok Thorsen as an option.

2017 Ford F150 Raptor pictures
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