2017 Ford F350 unique updates declassified


When fabricators release new pick-ups trucks models that they show to the assembled media representatives that are equipped with all possible functions and represented in the design with the best finishes. These wonderful models cost from $ 70,000 and higher massage equipped seats (which will bring the owner the same pleasure as shiatsu hot stone massage), made from the highest quality leather and suede inserts, as well as auto towing/ Parking/ directional stability (most likely all at once).

2017 Ford F350 release date

The new product have to pass only few road test and receive a rating in crash tests. It is expected that the manufacturer will show the car to the end of the year, and in sale it will appear in early 2017.

Release date: early 2017

2017 Ford F350 redesign

However, for many truck owners, a car in the first place, is a kind of working tool. It is important for them to have the truck quickly start, constantly worked and was able to endure the circumstances in which it will be used daily while working, and wash it only once a week – or even once a month. And this truck is an updated and thoughtful 2017 Ford F350 Heavy Duty, which is produced specifically for contractors, in white, and which recently was seen on the roads of Dearborn, MI.

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2017 Ford F350 engine

Greatest of the main technical characteristics of the new 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty truck is already known, so we know that it will be available with 6.2-liter engine V-8 SOHC and 6.7-liter diesel engine V-8 Power Stroke. Specific information regarding capacity has not yet published, however, it is expected a minor growth for both types of engines.

2017 Ford F350 video review

2017 Ford F350 interior

The cabin of the 2017 Ford F350 Super Duty is almost identic to the new 2017 F-150, with several other unique design of the front end. As seen in the pictures, the elongated body design suggests that F-350 – gas model, as shown by the presence of one exhaust pipe.

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2017 Ford F350 seen on the roads

Ford and other pickup trucks manufacturers could paint the dignity of their first-class models with an original design and a versatile finish, however, the market preference for working cargo workhorse, and Ford is not going to give them up.

2017 Ford F350 pictures

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