What Ford Falcon Would Be Like After Relaunch


This model, in spite of its long history, you will not find on the roads, although it is a muscle car. The car is called the Ford Falcon, designed for the Australian market and until recently was quite a strong player on the smallest continent of the planet.

2017 Ford Falcon redesign

No doubt, this new concept yearn for become a serious competitor to the overseas Fords. And on the world stage easily could grab a piece of the pie from Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Nissan 370Z, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro.

Ford may decide to abolish the division closure in Australia, then all of the above can be successfully realized in late 2017.

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Falcon Death

2017 Ford Falcon concept

Now purebred Aussie, things are not going very well, the once mighty tribe slowly dies (Ford to stop local production of its cars in 2016 and Holden in 2017), opening great opportunities for competitors to enter the Australian market. For Ford, this withdrawal from the market means “murder” of one of their classic rear-drive V8 sedans with the proud name of Falcon. To help people understand what they lost, the abroad-ocean team of like-minded designers, has made a successful attempt in creating a new Falcon and, as if hinting that it would be if not for the circumstances.

Redesigned In The US

2017 Ford Falcon front view

The American school were taken as the proportions and other stylistic decisions, particularly the borrowings made by the Ford Mustang, the long hood, small trunk in the style of a fastback and a common language foreign concept speak eloquently about it.

Front overhang, hood, grille, headlights made in its present form, even capturing some elements of sports cars of the future. A large number of intakes suggests that the car not only looks sporty, but also must have outstanding sports data.

How Could It Look Like

2017 Ford Falcon exterior

By the stylistics, the recovery of such concept should be based on modern visions of designers of Ford, this was done to ensure that the concept was recognized and shared the most important decisions and developments of recent years, its American parent company. Equally important was to study the past of the Falcon, to reveal its most powerful and memorable features and to transfer the spirit of the legendary car design for the future.

Inspired By The Best of Times

2017 Ford Falcon rear view

The main inspirer of the model was the coupe XA/XB Falcon from 70s with its classic, characteristic only for the Australian Ford lines. Vaguely reminiscent of muscular America, Falcon of 1970-ies had a number of differences inherent only to it. Viewed these differences over the entire area of the car body, starting from the front, with its special proportions of height and width of radiator grille, lighting and location of the head contours of the bonnet, continued to appear featuring in the inspection of the car from the side (in us models had similar silhouettes, but nothing more), it was finished back, which also carried only peculiar Australian version design charge.

Mustang Platform?

2017 Ford Falcon front view

Speaking on the topic, the creators came to the unanimous conclusion that under the “skin” of the next Ford Falcon have to be the platform of the Mustang, in its structural sense, and in mechanics. Hard, the Mustang platform will be the basis of a Falcon, the EcoBoost engines in 4 or 8 cylinder will be located under the hood, the rear, suspension like on a modern Mustang, independent. Alternatively, it is possible to install blow-in (and for some reason seriously underrated) 5.0 L V8.

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Brand new Ford Falcon of 2017 model year has some features of US Ford models, however keeping its uniqueness. Special 'charged' versions are also expected.

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