New Electric Version of Focus Receive The 46% Battery Capacity Increase


Ford recently announced that they would like to see at least 40% of their line up to be electric by the year 2020, to achieve this, they intend to invest $4.5 billion into their electric vehicle program over the next few years; that’s a significant commitment.

Having said that, they are currently lagging some way behind the most serious competition in this arena, so they really do need to up their game if they stand any chance of succeeding in such a competitive market. Will the new 2017 Ford Focus Electric be enough?

We think that the new 2017 Ford Focus Electric should go into production late 2016, although we aren’t sure if Ford will have it for sale then, or whether it will be early 2017 for the dealers.

2017 Ford Focus Electric release date: early 2017

Update: already available for sale

Ford cannot afford to raise the price too much, it will put it way out of the competition if they do, and simply put, it just won’t sell. Expect to see a small increase from the previous model, but prices should start in the region of $28,000.

Update: Price for new 2017 Ford Focus Electric stated in $29,995 mark.

Range and Power

Don’t expect many differences on the exterior, Ford have concentrated their effort on upgrading the mechanicals; first up is a power upgrade – the previous generation Focus Electric had a 23 kWh battery, Ford have now introduced a liquid cooled Lithium Ion battery, rated at 33.5 kWh, a 46% increase.

While it’s difficult to predict ranges and power, we think that the increase should be enough to push the Focus Electric to around the 110-mile range, especially when coupled with the ‘Brake Coach’ assist technology, which aims to help drivers make the most of the regenerative braking system. This should put it firmly in the territory of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric and the Nissan Leaf (the Leaf being the most popular all-electric vehicle on sale).

Coupled with the increase in power, Ford has introduced rapid DC charging, this should be capable of delivering an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes, approximately 2 hours faster than the outgoing model.

Minor Improvements

Outside the vehicle, we’ll see new wheels, and upgraded LED lighting (front and rear) with HID automatic headlamps, that really is about all the changes on the exterior.

Ford will be fitting SYNC 3 infotainment with upgraded voice recognition, dual zone climate control and in a bid to further enhance the ‘green’ credentials of the vehicle, all the seat materials will be made from 100% recycled material.
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Ford need to keep up with all EV trends, so the new Electric version of Focus gets a new battery.

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