Ford Focus ST Is a Traditional Hot Hatch


June 27 at the annual festival of speed in Goodwood debuted the updated hatchback Ford Focus ST, which received a number of improvements in appearance, refinement of the interior, a new engine and a more sporty suspension.

A full-fledged world premiere of the novelty is planned for the Paris Motor Show, but we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the new ST version of Focus just now.

Just to Look Hot

The new five-door Ford Focus ST is based on the previous body, but the design improvements made the car much more dynamic, sharp and sporty. Now, this is no longer a sleek civilian car with a spoiler and sports badge, but a full-fledged race car with a predatory face and a swift silhouette.

If to mark specific transformations, the updated Focus ST got a hood with a new stamping, some bumpers with more pronounced forges, new alloy wheels, narrowed front optics, and also taillights of a slightly smaller size and with a modified configuration. As an option, stylish 19-inch wheels of original design could be available, designed specifically for the updated car.

In terms of dimensions, new ST did not affect. As before, the length of the hatchback is 171.6″, the width does not exceed 71.8″, and the height is 58.4″. Wheelbase of Ford Focus ST is 104.2″. The coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of the hatchback body is 0.29. After the update, new has lost some weight, but the manufacturer does not yet provide exact data.

More Dials

The five-seater sports car interiro was also renovated. Focus ST of the 2017 model year has received a new three-spoke steering wheel with heating and chopped rim, a revised central console, a new climate control unit, an updated multimedia system with a USB connector, updated door panels, and a central tunnel.

In general, the cabin retained the old layout with a quite good ergonomics, sufficient free space (especially in the front row) and a high level of materials used in the decoration.

Diesel for Europe, Gas For The Rest

Henceforth, in the engine line of Focus ST there is a place for one more engine. To the already well-known gasoline unit was added a diesel engine, oriented primarily to the European market. However, the petrol engine did not remain unchanged. The developers have already equipped it with the Start/Stop system and reconfigured the electronics, which allowed to reduce fuel consumption by almost 6%.

In other respects, the characteristics of the gasoline engine remained the same: a 4-cylinder in-line arrangement with a total displacement of 2.0 liters, direct fuel injection, a turbocharger system and a maximum output of 249 hp at 5,500 rpm. The torque of the engine reaches its highest level of 265 ft lb at 1,750 rpm, holding up to 4,500 rpm, allowing the sports hatch to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 6.5 seconds or to reach a maximum of 154 miles per hour.

Diesel engine also has 4 cylinders of in-line arrangement with a total displacement of 2.0 liters and a turbocharger system, and an engine is built on the basis of a civilian version of the same displacement called Duratorq TDCi, which produces no more than 150 hp.

For the hot hatch the motor was modified, having revised the settings of electronics, adding the Start/Stop system, and also replacing the intake and exhaust systems. As a result, the power of the turbodiesel increased to 185 hp, and the peak torque was raised to 295 ft lb, developed at 2,000 – 2,750 rpm, which is even more than a gasoline engine.

But despite this, the diesel engine will not please the outstanding performance: the acceleration from 0 to 60 for the updated Ford Focus ST will take an impressive 8.1 seconds, and the top speed is limited to 134 mph. Note that both engines are aggregated with the previous 6-speed manual, but for the d, esel it was reconfigured, offering other gear ratios.

Front Wheel Drive

At the heart of the updated Focus ST is the previous front-drive platform from the civilian version of the hatchback, but a number of changes in its design were made by the developers. First, the front springs were replaced. Secondly, henceforth the ST is equipped with more rigid shock absorbers. Thirdly, the steering has undergone re-tuning. And, fourthly, the novelty has received a new electronic stabilization system, supplemented by the “Electronic Transitional Stability” (ETS) function, responsible for controlling cars with a sharp change in direction of movement at high speeds, for example, when change lane.

Regarding the layout of the chassis, it is unchanged: in front of the McPherson strut, behind the independent multi-link, and on all wheels – disc brakes, and in front of them also ventilated.

In general, the revised Ford Focus ST has a more pronounced sporting character, and the tuned steering wheel is the best response, of course, in comparison with its predecessor.

Also, we add that other electronic systems of the car were subjected to processing. In particular, the new control system has received the thrust vector control system. The modernization and the bundle of ABS + EBD + BAS systems were upgraded. In addition, to sharpen the response of the car to sudden accelerator pedal depressions, the developers have installed new powertrain supports.

Extended Equipment List

New Ford Focus ST has received a significantly expanded basic equipment. In addition to the already mentioned Start/Stop system for both engines, the novelty will receive adaptive head optics, a rear-view camera, Recaro sports seats with eight electric adjustments and a new electric power steering with variable effort.

As before, the car will continue to be equipped with 18-inch wheels, ASR anti-slip system, front and side airbags, air conditioning, a full electric bag, fog lights, a rain and light sensor, and a tire pressure sensor in the base. Among the new options highlight the presence of a multimedia system SYNC 2 with a touch-screen 8-inch display, a system for monitoring the number of movements and automatic emergency braking.
Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.8
  • Design4.7
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.5

Buying Focus ST is a win-win sutuation, because you get almost a real sportscar (FWD, however) in the body of a family hatchback.

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