2017 Ford Fusion: new update


At the famous Detroit Auto Show, which was held this year, it was a presentation of a modernized version of the Ford Fusion 2017 model year for the North American market. It is necessary to say that in Europe and some other markets, this model is offered under the name of Mondeo.

2017 Ford Fusion release date

On the territory of the United States sales the second generation of the updated Ford will start to sale in the middle of this year.

Release date: mid 2016

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2017 ford fusion release date

2017 Ford Fusion price

Car cost will be about $23,000 for basic equipment. “Top-end” trim and the most expensive version called the Titanium will cost $38,000. Sport modification, equipped with 325 horsepower engine will be priced at $24,000

2017 Ford Fusion exterior

Initially, Fusion model of the second generation was introduced in 2012 and is now an attractive car survived the restyling. The car has got a modified bumpers, the corrected grille, air intakes altered and headlights updated.

2017 ford fusion price

Sedan received a rethinking of the front and rear end, as well as many chrome parts. It is note to highlight the bumper of cars, as part of its look more fresh and attractive as compared to the last version of the car.

It is not difficult to see a fresh design concept is not much disowned the original form. As a result, we can say that the enormous changes in the appearance of new Fusion did not happen, but the upgraded model in many ways ahead of its predecessor.

2017 ford fusion exterior

2017 Ford Fusion interior

Inside of improved 2017 Ford Fusion 2017 there are not so much changes. Modernised gearshift lever located on the dash, and the multimedia complex is now replaced by a modern setting SYNC 3, which boasts an improved interface, instant response to pressing the touch screen and the updated voice control system.

2017 ford fusion interior

The new car will receive a slightly updated dashboard and center console. Changed the design of finishing materials, interior will be offered in several fresh colors. Engineers promise to introduce this new product with a new innovative driver’s seat. According to them, every driver will choose for themselves the most comfortable position, due to the plurality of adjustments in different directions.

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2017 Ford Fusion Sport

Endured the updated 2017 Ford Fusion will appreciate the attractive Sport version with all-wheel drive system with a 2.7-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine peak power of 325 hp, which will work with six speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, the dynamic performance of this version is not yet specified.

2017 ford fusion sport

In terms of exterior new Ford Fusion Sport attracts attention with its black grille, two twin pipes exhaust system, beautiful rear spoiler, 19-inch alloy wheels. In general it can be said that this modification will look more aggressively.

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2017 Ford Fusion specs

As in previous versions of the car will get a new 170-hp naturally aspirated 2.5-liter power unit and two petrol 4-cylinder turbocharged units. The first one has power of 179 hp and a capacity of 1.6 liter. The other power of 237 hp and displacement of two liters. By the way, two-liter version will also be offered with all-wheel drive system.

2017 ford fusion engine

The hybrid version of the Ford Fusion Energi and Hybrid (first involves the possibility of charging from the outlet) will be equipped with modern software, which will allow to temporarily extend cruising range, reduce fuel consumption and improve the traction control. It must be said that inside hybrid versions there is the two-liter engine and an electric motor with total power output of 186 hp, as well as the battery capacity of 7.63 kWh.

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2017 Ford Fusion video

2017 Ford Fusion images

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