2017 Ford Kuga Is A European Version of Escape


We all know there are plenty of ‘twins’ in the world of cars – the very same car but with different name, sometimes badging and minor details. Kuga is the same story – it is a European version of highly demanded car in the North American market – Ford Escape. Recently Kuga received a facelift which bring new details to the car design, as well as some technincal changes. Both cars are twins, so we here could expect similar features in the nearest future. The main rivals for Kuga are the same as in the US – Honda CR-V, KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. The car has released, with the price in Europe starting with 23,300 EUR in German market.

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2017 Ford Kuga Get New Front End

During the restyling the car received a different grille, stylish head optics and front bumper with chrome trim. American engineers believe that the more chrome on the car, so it looks more refined. Just updated version boasts lots of aluminum parts that affect the overall weight of the car.  In profile Ford Kuga demonstrates exaggerated wheel arches and a stylish roof rails, which have moved from the previous model. Overall dimensions in comparison with the pre-reform model remained the same. Car length is 181.1 in, width is 72.4 in, height is 67.3 in, wheelbase length is 106.2 in. Luggage compartment volume is 15.5 cubic feet.

black SUV with black rims

New front end and color schemes

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2017 Kuga Has Better Ergonomics

The interior of 2017 Ford Kuga after the restyling has preserved the usual style, but became more ergonomic and spacious compared to the previous model, thanks to a new instrument panel and the multifunction steering wheel. Car seats also affect the level of comfort and have a lot of adjustments.

But, despite the upgrade the interior of the crossover has its drawbacks, for example, is very uncomfortable climate control unit to take advantage of them, the driver has to lean forward strongly, and on the small screen is almost imperceptible interface multimedia system. Of the merits of it may be noted that already in the base trim Ford Kuga is equipped with 6-channel sound system, air conditioning, rear-view camera, a modern multifunction steering wheel and parking assistant.

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Kuga 2017 Get Powertrain Upgrade

Since the engines mounted on the previous model, have proven themselves excellent, engineers decided not to change anything, but simply to upgrade, that is. In the presence of gasoline engine of 1.6 liters (1.5 liters before the modernization) producing 185 hp. The petrol engine of 2.0 liters (245 hp) is also here. It is not excluded the new crossover will get another 168-horsepower petrol engine capacity of 2.5 liters. And for top-end models will be optionally available 240-hp turbo EcoBoost engine. The drive layout front-wheel-drive only. Optionally available is a tire pressure sensor, preheating, blind spot monitoring system and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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