What Is So Special in 2017 Ford Raptor


We’ve been always interested in the destiny of this off-road devil. Once 2017 Ford Raptor got announced we started to track it destiny. Initially Ford promised to release their legend with 3.5 litre engine of V-shaped type. You can see what the carmaker was going to build here. Previous Ford Raptor was so brutal and attractive that we couldn’t really see what could be better. Now that 2017 Ford Raptor is on the market let’s see how far they were true about this release.

Weight Reduction Is Everything

The whole truck has been completely upgraded and redesigned. Each side and tyre has been modified so as to provide you with the best Ford Raptor ever. Owing to Ford’s policy which was focused on aluminum they’ve managed to reduce the whole body weight significantly. Just like its predecessors 2017 Ford Raptor has lost a few extra pounds.

Ford company didn’t lie when promising 3.5 litre engine. It’s true, they don’t use 6.2-litre truck unit anymore. Now it’s a high performance Ecotec of V6 type. This is a powerful engine which is used in the current generation of Ford GT. Can you imagine how powerful this new thing is? Now new Raptor outputs up to 455 horsepower. Not bad isn’t it?

New Chassis

The vehicle has moved to an absolutely new chassis. It’s an exclusive work specially for Raptor. Now the vehicle uses Fox shocks. They’re really huge. In fact they’re 45 per cent larger than before. All new tyres and wheels make you sure that this Raptor will never let you down whether on road or off road. Suspension has gained two more inches as well. Such a spacious and huge looking truck may have certain problems when it comes to parking.


If you’ve ever had a Raptor before you’ll feel at home inside of it. Nevertheless, there’re a lot changes and modifications done. Now it looks more tasteful than ever before. Its seats are also massive. They all are cooled and heated. There’re all types of screens to keep you informed and entertained. The new sunroof is of twin-pane type. When you open it fully you feel like you’re inside of a convertible. A nice feature for a truck.

On The Road

This truck is definitely huge and heavy with a stiff handling so it’s predictable to perfect when it’s off the road. How does it feel when it’s on road? Surprisingly it’s much faster and quieter that previous generation. It doesn’t require any efforts to cruise at around 80 MPH. Now Ford’s Raptor is even closer Range Rover models because it has spacious cabin and comfortable interior.

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