2017 Ford Super Duty Of New Generation Get Aluminum Body


Americans are very fond of pickups, it’s a fact. Also, manufacturers are creating super large pickup trucks, one of them, the Ford F-Series Super Duty, the longest being the best-selling heavy-duty vehicle in the US. Success needs to be developed and therefore, right after the presentation of Chevrolet Silverado in Texas, the public was introduced to the new 2017 model year F-series Super Duty truck range, which includes the F-250, F-350 and F-450. The new truck has got an aluminum body, it’s not difficult to understand why.

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Characterized as the “coolest”, “smart” and most capable of the lineup, Super Duty, a new series of pickups will be delivered with a lot of different features, options and options. And these additional pleasant trivia will go into the load to a lot of improvements that were on the pick-up truck right from the factory.

2017 Ford Super Duty Changes

Joe Hinrich, Ford SEO, even focused on the destination of attention, saying that with the new generation of pickups, their customers and customers will be able to build a better world, through new standards and opportunities for productivity and efficiency… Whatever it was, the updates are seen by a naked eye. The new version of the pickup can really offer a lot of new things. The backbone of the car is a box-type frame of the newest design, which is 95% made of high-strength steel, which means 24 times more rigidity than in the previous model.

But this is not the main thing, the main part of the bodywork is on its surface, in external parts, it is made of corrosion-resistant, reinforced and at the same time light material, that is aluminum, which together with high-strength steel will reduce the total weight by 350 lbs.

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2017 Super Duty Efficiency and Equipment

All these improvements will not only make the car more fuel efficient, they will add more opportunities for towing heavy trailers and transportation of various heavy loads. The new Super Duty has become much more enduring than the last year’s model version, especially with the installation of a more powerful all-wheel drive system, axles, towing and transportation equipment. The pickup truck can also be equipped with tire pressure monitoring, adaptive steering, blind zone monitoring, lane departure warning, cruise control and a collision warning system with automatic braking.

Naturally, the truck is the main task, the transportation of goods, but technology is not alien to the modern hard worker. In the new Super Duty, there are set of gadgets and nice little goodies. According to Ford for the Super Duty, there are 16 new additions, first installed on the car of this segment, from LED lighting to adaptive cruise control. On the pickup truck, more than seven cameras can be installed that will monitor the space around the truck. Very useful function when maneuvering in a confined space.

Powertrain Range

The lineup of engines remains unchanged, offering the same 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel (which was upgraded last year), which has a block head for 32 valves, 440 horsepower and a huge torque of 925 lb ft at 1600 rpm. The 6.8-liter petrol V10 (362 HP, 457 lb ft, available only for the F-450 and above) and the 6.2-liter petrol V8 (16 valves, 385 hp and 430 lb ft at 3800 rpm). All engines are combined with a 6-speed automatic. The Super Duty lineup will be available with three cab types, Regular cab, Super cab and Crew cab.

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