2017 Ford Thunderbird – rebirth of a legend


Ford Thunderbird — rebirth of an iconic American brand. The car is designed in the spirit of the legendary models of the turn of the 60-ies, and, accordingly, has nothing to do with the “Thunderbolts” of the late 80’s, which already does not look like a sports car. Although technical information is not available, a number of indirect signs indicative of the production of this handsome case is resolved.

2017 Ford Thunderbird release date

The release date of Thunderbird relaunch is unknown yet, everything is still around the rumors and speculations. If Thunderbird is really to be released, its announce will be held on one of the North American motor shows.

Release date: to be announced

2017 Ford Thunderbird redesign

And now talking again about restarting the model. Official information yet, but the rumors about the revival went this year because the 60th anniversary. Based on available data, the exterior of the car will undergo significant changes, but overall will maintain the tradition of the brand.

2017 Ford Thunderbird price

The price of the next generation Thunderbird is not announced yet. We expect the official price reveal right after the car presentation. Potential customers could expect the price level around $35,000 for a basic package car.

2017 Ford Thunderbird engine specs

On rear-wheel drive T-bird will be installed V-shaped eight volume of 3.9 liters. To maintain the established image of the Thunderbird model will have leather interior, 18-inch aluminum wheels, and acid yellow and red. I wonder what he’d say to Papa Ford, who admitted only one black color.

2017 Ford Thunderbird specs

The model is intended as a “Personal Luxury Car”, a moderately small car for prosperous buyers, who preferred not to resort to the services of a hired driver and to drive it themselves and in fact founded such a segment of the American automotive market. In 2002-2005 under the old name of the Ford Thunderbird (the fans — “Retro Birds”) were issued, in fact, a fundamentally new model at double the rear-wheel drive platform Lincoln LS/ Jaguar S-Type with a 3.9-liter Jaguar engine (V8). It was grown from submitted shortly before the concept car the “nostalgic” car, in fact — factory “replica” of the original 1955-57 models.

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2017 Ford Thunderbird video review

2017 Ford Thunderbird brand history

Ford Thunderbird is a luxury rear-wheel drive coupe produced for several years by the Ford division of Ford Motors. Model name is copied from the mythology of North American Indians, in some tribes of which the Thunder Bird is a spirit of thunderstorms, lightning and rains.

Was released eleven this model generations, strongly differing, including in concept, from 1955 to 2005 (with a break during 1998-2001), while the total production over the years has reached 4.4 million.

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2017 Ford Thunderbird last run

In 1999 the legendary Thunderbird was introduced as a concept car. But company officials claimed that it is the real model 2001 model year. After the overwhelming success of the Thunderbird 1955 model year, Ford is counting on the same success at the beginning of the new century.

2017 Ford Thunderbird pictures

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Along with many other discontinued models, Thunderbird is likely to return. We don't know all details, but it should be a 2-door coupe or convertible to hold the brand as it should be.

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