2017 Ford Transit Designed To Bring Success


The commercial van best seller in Europe – Ford Transit – come to the US market. This move should put away large E-series framed vans from Ford line up and replace it by lighter, roomier and more fuel efficient commercial vehicles. Transit is available as van and passenger wagon (which has two trim levels).

The latest generation made its debut in 2015, and the 2017 model year Ford Transit differs from it only a few small things.
Version for North American market has a slightly modified design of the front part and the other engine line up, consisting of more powerful engines.

2017 Ford Transit release date

The cost of modifications to the smallest cargo body is about $ 31,000. The price of passenger modification starts at $ 33,000.

Update: the van is already available for purchase.

Pretty Van

The exterior has not changed much, the Ford Transit is still pleases a few updated exterior design. Immediately it is worth noting the presence of a modified and quite large grille, which is made in a purely “American” style – no frills, with some persistence and severity.

2017 Ford Transit redesign

Length of the car corresponds to the chosen style of the body and may be 217.8 in, 235.5 or 263.9 inches.

Depending on body changes and the wheel base of the car – in the first two options it is 129.9 inches in the third – 147.6 in.

Nice Cabin

It should be noted that the interior of Ford Transit has changed almost beyond recognition. The front console and instrument panel supplemented with new features severely modified steering wheel with leather soft coating can be adjusted in different positions for the driver’s convenience and functionality of cars supplemented with voice control Ford Sync, which was absent in any previous version of the Ford Transit. Sitting in the driver’s seat, you can appreciate its convenience – it reliably keeps the driver while driving, perfectly absorbs and is adjustable in ten positions.

2017 Ford Transit interior

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer has provided the need for charging tablets, laptops and all sorts of gadgets on the road and added into the power outlet on the interior of 220-230 watts, located between the driver and passenger seat. A passenger sitting at the rear of the car, can now be swiveled forward for the release of even more space.

Another interesting fact is that the rear passengers can always lower the middle seat, which forms a very comfortable and functional table, so we can safely say that Ford has taken care not only about the driver, but also for its passengers.

Three Powertrains

In the North American market, the new Ford Transit is available with three powertrains. The first is a naturally aspirated 3.7L V6 producing 275 hp and 260 ft lbs of torque. This is a classic V6 typical for American commercial vehicles. The second option – the most powerful EcoBoost V6 with twin turbo, with power output of enormous 310 hp and 400 ft lbs of torque. The same engine is mounted on many models of Ford, in particular Ford Expedition.

The third version of the powertrain – 3.2-liter inline five-cylinder diesel. Not very powerful, but very economical, it affects the value of torque – 350 ft lbs. Despite its modest 185 hp of power, on the amount of torque it is superior to gasoline 3.7 V6.
All three engines are combined with 6-speed shiftable automatic.

Editor's rating
4.1 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance3.1
  • Design4.3
  • Features4.4
  • Fuel economy4.1

One of the most commercially succeed van will get a minor update in 2017.

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