2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Get New Diesel Engine


GMC to issue on the market additional new model in 2017 – GMC 2500. This will be the one of the most prevalent pickup trucks from Dodge-GMC, which will endure most tough competitors, especially in the division of mid-size trucks. Soon whole series could be updated. Though it is too early to speak about the Sierra 2500 model, some folks already looking forward to its appearance. Not surprisingly, there are many rumors about it. But it is logical that the company should improve the car to get more sales.

2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Availability On Market

Collecting a variety of information, until we stumbled upon the release date of the truck. There is an assumption that the company will present a pick-up truck somewhere in late 2016.

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As for prices, we consider that the new model will cost a little much more than the former one, as the modifications will be minimal. We just need to be realistic and understand that it is better to wait for the updated model of heavy duty Sierra than buying the current version.

GMC 2500 2017 Design Features

Dissimilar the power plant, which is not declared yet, the truck outside looks more factual, permitting to online pics. From these renders and shots, we can tell the GMC Sierra 2500 to get a new exterior. In specific, the modernized headlamps and lattice, to make the external more up-to-date related to the former model.

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About the cab we know as little as for the power plant. The whole thing is kept a secret. Un-official rumors claim that the cabin will be subject to minimal interfering. In other words, the crewcab of the new pickup truck will remain practically the same. Likely to add a little upgraded technological equipment, for instance, security system improved and the info-media system.

2017 Sierra 2500 New Diesel Engine

Most importantly, we are concerned in a car of this class, is the engine. Although GMC has not yet confirmed whether they will upgrade your engine, we believe that the company is determined to leave the present-day engine. Many sites also claim that GMC Sierra 2500 will come with the same 3.6L V6 engine or 5.8L Hemi.

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2017 model year GMC full-size pickup trucks will receive a lot of new features, including new more economical powertrains and updated interior.

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