2017 Hayabusa Will Be Supercharged?


2016 isn’t over yet but there are already news and rumors concerning Hayabusa 2017 production. The new bike is going to be simple but powerful officially while numerous sources predict that the real productivity of this lineup will be over 300 horsepower. They say that it can even be a supercharged production.

2017 Hayabusa Review

Generally speaking, we can expect a simple sportbike with wide opportunities, though. Acceleration has been improved. It’s enough to twist the throttle to feel how responsive the model is. It applies to any gear you choose. The bike has lost a few pounds owing to its frame made of aluminum which is combined with improved suspension. Performance has also increased making this bike more controllable in corners. Highway ride is described as a smooth one. The body of the bike is more sleek and aerodynamic now.

2017 Hayabusa Supercharged?

According to some rumors which haven’t been confirmed yet, Suzuki is working on a project titled as GSXR-1300R Hayabusa. Since it’s a secret production there’s not much to tell about it. Nevertheless, it gives a reason to think that the company will proceed from 1300cc machines to 1400cc ones. How are they going to achieve it? Presumably by the means of a supercharger. If so, Hayabusa may be capable of producing more than 300 horsepower which is a significant breakthrough. Still, it’s rumored only but they seem to be quite true to life.

2017 Hayabusa Engine and Specifications

What we know so far is that this bike will use DOHC type of engine with 4 cylinders and 4 strokes. It’s promised that it’s going to be a liquid-cooled production. As for fuels system, we can expect standard fuel injection with an electronic starter. The engine will be paired to 6-speed transmission. They say that 2017 Hayabusa will use suspension which is of the inverted telescopic kind. It’s said to be oil damped. The model will include 21.0 liters of gas tank capacity.

2017 Hayabusa Colors

There’re not main details about appearance of the new bike. Most likely it’s going to stay rather the same without significant cosmetic changes. However colour range has already been shaped and confirmed by Suzuki. You can choose “Glass Sparkle Black” variant. Another type is “Pearl Glacier White”. The last colour you can try is known as “Pearl Vigor Blue”. Hardly will Suzuki add any more shades but these ones look really nice as far as we can judge from the latest pictures.

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