2017 Honda CBR1000RR On A Diet


Honda has finally debuted its pearl of motorbikes. Freshly born 2017 CBR100RR has been presented as SP and SP2 versions. Both models feature new design elements along with updated specs.

2017 Honda CBR1000RR Changes

One of the most anticipated products by Honda has already been announced. CBR which can be referred as litre-class is unveiled as SP and SP2. Both of these models have a lot to boast about. Many fans even say that they can easily beat previous CBR out of competition. The main advantage of new CBR is that it is equipped with the famous Big Red back which makes this model exclusively attractive for potential buyers. To be honest, this is

The main advantage of new CBR is that it is equipped with the famous Big Red back which makes this model the exclusively attractive for potential buyers. To be honest, this is sports racing version of the motorbike. Its main purpose is participation in competitions. Thus, only 500 units will produce for global distribution which makes 2017 CBR100RR a limited type of bike.

2017 Honda CBR1000RR Diet

However, the most serious changes were made to the chassis. Honda has set its mind on getting back to the original philosophy of CBR which dates back to the year ’93. It means that the new models will become light and maneuverable which is a good idea. This is the reason why swingarm along with frame has lost a lot of weight. All of these parts have lost around 300 grams. Rigidity characteristics have been also improved. It is interesting that lateral rigidity has stayed unchanged while torsional rigidity has been improved. Now chassis react 10% quicker. A significant weight loss has happened in the area of the rear subframe. It has taken a new shape and its weight has been reduced up to 800 grams.

Wheels are still made of aluminum but they include five spokes instead of six now. This has resulted in 100 grams loss along with the use of aluminum spacers. The aerodynamics aspect has also been improved. The radiator has also lost 30 mm. The model provides the same level of heat dissipation as it used to. It was made possible owing to the use of the core of higher density. Front fairing’s frontal area goes through changes as well in order to improve aerodynamics. It is much narrower now. Thus, upper front fairing has lost 24mm while lower fairing width is 18mm less now.

There are changes which cannot be describes less than being revolutionary. Thus, the bike is equipped with fuel tank of titanium. In addition, this tank is 2.87 pounds lighter in comparison to the previous one. It has also become 30mm narrower compared to older versions. Fuel capacity is 4.23 gallons now.

2017 Honda CBR1000RR Release Date

Even though Honda has revealed a good deal of details about its new lineup, there not many comments on its release date which is rather reasonable. It is officially said that new CBR will come in March, 2017. However, many sources do not rely on this information expecting delays.

2017 Honda CBR1000RR Price

The price of 2017CBR is not a secret but it has not been announced yet. It is assumed that new CBR will cost less than $20,000. Perhaps Honda will provide more details on this aspect closer to the release date.

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