Kooky Styling For The 2017 Element From Honda


Honda introduced the Element to the world back in 2003, and for the first few years, it was popular, despite the love / hate styling of it. It was one of those vehicles that was designed to make a statement, the sort of thing that you’d find as a concept, except Honda really built it.

It sat on top of a modified Honda CR-V platform and to a certain degree, this was its downfall; the CR-V was so popular that in the final year of the Element, the CR-V outsold the Element by a ratio five to one. There was simply too much competition from other manufacturers and from within Honda for people to choose something that was ‘different’ – it only sold 14,000 units in 2009, which for a global manufacturer is dismal.

But for 2017, it seems that Honda will be reviving the Element name, and to an extent, the love or hate styling – the difference being is that the styling now seems to fit our lifestyle and looks ‘cool & kooky’ – what could possibly go wrong?

The Honda Element is all-new for 2017


1. All-new for 2017
2. A range of engines
3. Packed with tech
4. Late 2017 release date

The 2017 Honda Element will still use a modified CR-V platform, it’s a recipe that works well for Honda, but as for the rest of the 2017 Element, it’s pretty much all-new.

The styling is still an acquired taste; large, tall and very square, but in today’s world, it doesn’t stand out so much – there are plenty of ‘fresh’ styles out there and the Honda does a good job of standing out for being a little different, but in a good way.

Although the Element runs on 17-inch wheels, they look pretty small thanks to the boxy design, this includes very little overhang at the front and rear, meaning parking the little Honda in a tight-spot is a breeze.

We think that the Element will be using predominantly aluminum body panels, but there is also going to be a strong mix of recycled plastics – both inside and out.

Although Honda are trying to push the ‘eco-friendly’ aspect of the Element, the interior isn’t going to suffer because of it. It won’t be all recycled straw and sack-cloth; expect to see a high level of upholstery materials, although we don’t expect there to be a leather option, even on the top-of-the-range trim level. 

Will the Honda Element get a range of engines for 2017?

Rumors suggest that Honda will be releasing the 2017 Element with a 2.4 liter inline-four cylinder V-TEC engine, and while we think that the higher-end versions may get that option, it’s more likely that the standard base engine will be something smaller and turbo-charged – we’d guess that Honda will fit a 1.5 liter into the base model.

The transmission will be Honda’s CVT automatic transmission, and it will drive the front-wheels only – there won’t be an all-wheel drive version of the Element, despite being built on the CR-V platform.

Gas mileage won’t be great, thanks mainly to the styling, but 22 mpg in the city, 27 mpg on the highway sounds right – averaging out at around 24 mpg. If Honda fit the 2.4 liter V-TEC, expect to lose at least 2 mpg from those figures.

Packed with tech

The fitted technology will rival pretty much any other vehicle out there – Honda will be making sure that the Element is attractive to buyers – the last version bombed and they won’t want a repeat of that failure.

The fully-loaded version will have features such as pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alerts, rear-view camera, pre-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise-control and automatic headlights … pretty much everything you’d need.

As for entertainment tech, you’ll get the usual: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB, Bluetooth, satellite radio, touchscreen infotainment system – the only thing that we are unsure of, is what makes it across the range (like the rear-view camera) or what will only be available on the higher trim levels.

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Late 2017 release date

Although we haven’t yet seen the new 2017 Element, we know that Honda are looking for a release date around September of this year, so perhaps they will give us a sneak-preview at one of the larger auto shows around June or July?

And now to the best bit … rumors suggest that the 2017 Honda Element will start in the region of $19,000 for the base model, rising up to around $26,000 for the fully-loaded version, which considering the equipment level, is a great price.

There is no current model, and Honda want to sell these new Elements, so look for special offers and launch deals when they arrive at your dealership – there will be plenty!

What do you think to the new 2017 Honda Element? Have Honda got the styling right, or should they have been more conservative? Let us know in the comments.

  • Frencer

    I have the ’05 Element and I’m still hanging onto it because it’s the handiest ‘lil car ever. I was thrilled to hear that Honda would be returning it to their line-up, but this is one UGLY car… What were they thinking? It looks way too much like a Scion… I am so unimpressed. From what I can see, ONE cup holder? Honda… you make outstanding cars. Surely you can do better than this.

    • Elisha Dasenbrock

      I just bought an ’05 and thank God. If this is the last Element, you can pull my ’05 from my cold, dead hands. I was just talking to a guy at the Honda dealer (I didn’t buy mine there) and he said people are dying to get one of these.

      Seriously, Honda, what the hell are you doing?

  • KC

    What’s with this dog car? What about outdoor enthusiasts and bikers who want to carry their bikes inside their vehicles? Or the many small business owners that made this their car of choice? Why didn’t more sell? Because the RAV4 used to kick ass and had lots of room inside with removable seats and a rear mounted tire. It also handled better on turns and they lasted forever with little to no problems. But now my RAV4 is finally dying and the newest version has been ruined turned into some family car instead of appealing to the college crowd. I need a compact SUV that is decent on gas, has ground clearance and has plenty of interior room with removable seats. I had planned on the Element being my next vehicle. Come on Honda! There’s no other car on the market like it! The CRV is just another RAV4. OK, for general use but does not excel for people that need more room and functionality. Such a bad mistake to ignore this market. Now folks are buying those horrible Ford transits. The Honda Element is one of the most expensive used cars. Wake up Honda!

  • Kimberly B Stone

    The original Honda Element was plenty dog-friendly as it was. It needed not one single change. If this is actually the “new Element” I cannot do anything but shake my head. The Element is a great car that Honda never knew how to market. It appears that Elements are now no longer a great car, and they still don’t know how to market it.

    • Albi Beziera

      The only minor changes I would make to the Element is shave off three inches in its height to decrease its high profile and tendency to tip over sharp turns and improve fuel efficiency including offering a diesel engine.

  • Dave Thompson

    Our Element is a 2008 with 300,000 Km, and we don’t want to give it up. There is nothing else on the market that compares. No carpet, YES, lots of room, YES, decent gas mileage, YES, etc. What to do when it finally gives up???

  • lwop90

    This article is FAKE and this car is just a concept vehicle from 2012 and will never be seen on the American market.

  • bookwoman802

    I have a Scion which I love, but I need an AWD for those snow days. I was ready to purchase a Honda Element, but what are you doing to it? It looks like a freak. Why didn’t you leave well enough alone. There is a market for a small but roomy vehicle, not just for dogs. How about my daughter, a beekeeper? Keep the old style, ask us what we want, and try to keep the price down.

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4.4 overall
  • Safety4.5
  • Performance4
  • Design4.3
  • Features4.4
  • Fuel economy4.6

We could only wonder what new Element will be look like. It may shift to absolutely different concept of tiny city car with some off-road abilities.

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