2017 Honda Element – a dog-car redesigned


Honda have announced plans to build a new SUV, one that is designed for… Dogs.
The ‘Dog Car’ is built on the Honda Element platform and won’t look any different from the standard vehicle.

2017 Honda Element release date

The new vehicle is expected to be more practical, have some off-road capability and easily cleaned interior. It won’t be a regular Element, although we think that the Element branding will be used.

Release date: 2017

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2017 Honda Element redesign

The car itself will go on sale in America in the near future, prices are expected to start at around $16,000 (with a maximum price stated in the region of $26,000).

The front of the car has been styled to look not quite as aggressive as the previous one, but that is where the changes finish; few interior styling changes and the same 2.4 liter gas engine will be used, it has a maximum of 166 BHP.

2017 Honda Element interior

While nothing much has changed for the cabin, it is the trunk that has had the most modification; a soft covering (easily cleaned), built in cooling fans, water bowl and a walkway to ensure that the dog doesn’t have to jump into the trunk – it can simply walk.
All these features have been added purely for the pampered pets.

2017 Honda Element dimensions and weight

  • Length – 170.2 in
  • Width – 71.4 in
  • Height – 70.3 in
  • Wheelbase – 101.3 in
  • Track front / rear: 62 / 62.2 in
  • Ground clearance – 6.8 in
  • Curb weight  – 3659.6 lbs
  • Trunk volume min/max: 25 /74.5 cubic ft.
  • Towing capacity – 1499 lbs
  • Turning radius of 17.3 ft.

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Honda Element discontinued

Honda have now decided to stop production of the Element; this special dog version will be the last one. Just 325,000 have been sold to date, which isn’t a large amount in this sector, especially when you consider that the Element has been around since 2002 – many people have chosen to go for the better and more popular CR-V model.

2017 Honda Element price

This last ‘dog model’ will cost a further $995 over the standard Element, regular prices start at $20,535 and rise to $25,585 for the top of the range model.

2017 Honda Element video review

2017 Honda Element pictures

  • Frencer

    I have the ’05 Element and I’m still hanging onto it because it’s the handiest ‘lil car ever. I was thrilled to hear that Honda would be returning it to their line-up, but this is one UGLY car… What were they thinking? It looks way too much like a Scion… I am so unimpressed. From what I can see, ONE cup holder? Honda… you make outstanding cars. Surely you can do better than this.

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We could only wonder what new Element will be look like. It may shift to absolutely different concept of tiny city car with some off-road abilities.

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