2017 Honda Grom – New 125cc Fun Generator Updated


This little Honda (little in every sense of the word), has completely taken the market by storm; it’s a part minibike, part full-size – with all the features you’d expect on something bigger and sportier.

With just a 30” seat height, it’s a usable fun bike whether you’re looking to ride in to work or just have a sunny Sunday fooling around.
The fact that it’s so popular is proven by Honda significantly updating this little 125cc fun machine; it’s had styling and mechanical upgrades and from what we’ve seen, it looks a blast!

2017 Honda Grom Release date

The 2017 Honda Grom has been available since August 2016 from your local Honda dealer, and it’s priced to sell – don’t go looking for an out of date production model, the new 2017 version has everything you want.

2017 Honda Grom Price

There is some discrepancy here; some dealers are listing the 2017 Grom at $3,199, while others have it for $3,299 – a quick search will reveal the price. Don’t forget, there is a further $150 destination tax on top of that figure.

2017 Honda Grom Video

2017 Honda Grom Changes

Four new colors have been introduced for 2017; Matte Gray Metallic, Pearl Red, Pearl White and Bright Yellow.

While the little 4-stroke single cylinder 125cc engine may not set any speed records (with just 9.7 BHP), you could probably just about ride it to the moon and back on one tank of gas; it returns 134 MPG. Frugal is the word of the day!

2017 Honda Grom Design

As regards the style, Honda have made a number of improvements; integrated tank and side panels, stacked LED headlight, under-slung exhaust, upswept tail unit and sportier handlebar. The improvements make the little Honda look more stylish, while still giving it a fun look, even more so in real life – you can’t really get a sense of size perspective from the pictures that Honda have released, but with just 12” wheels, this is more pocket sized than you might expect.

For some reason, Honda also decided to raise the rear pillion seat to give the pillion a better line of sight above the rider. This is great for a full size, full power motorcycle where you may be taking passengers on a regular basis, but on something like this, it really isn’t needed – after all, it isn’t as though you’ll be planning a trip from the East to West coast on this type of bike.
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