New Honda Odyssey 2017 Release date and Redesign


Spy images of the upgraded Honda minivan hit the Net.
The Japanese car giant Honda is set to make a breakthrough in the competitive minivan market with the release of the new for 2017 Odyssey.

2017 Honda Odyssey release date

The new Odyssey is set to be released in late 2016, early 2017. It will be priced and fitted with equipment that will put it in line to be a direct competitor with Chrysler’s 2017 Pacifica model.

Release date: late 2017

2017 Honda Odyssey redesign

On the face of it, there have been few changes or updates to the overall appearance; a small rear spoiler, front grille and a modified sill line, but the fitted equipment will now include Xenon headlights, sliding rear doors, allow wheels and vented front disc brakes.

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2017 Honda Odyssey price

Prices are expected to start around $40,000 but won’t be confirmed officially until the model is released which certainly won’t be before late 2016, although general consensus says that an early 2017 release date is more likely.

2017 Honda Odyssey testing

Thanks to stiff competition from the likes of Kia (with the Sedona) and the Toyota Sienna, Honda have been extensively testing the new model to ensure that it out performs the previous model which was already popular thanks to the combination of looks, dynamic performance and well-equipped interior.

However, even with all the testing, very few pictures have been available; even the best industry spy-shots have only been able to capture the new Honda from a distance.

2017 Honda Odyssey prototype

Recently though, a disguised prototype of what is believed to be the new Odyssey minivan has been seen out and about on the streets of Los Angeles.

However, the photographers have said that the prototype differed somewhat from the pictures that have already made their way on to the various internet sites; this prototype had a sliding door, shark fin antenna, larger optics and side repeaters for the turn signal.

Of course, the smaller details are easily changed though.

2017 Honda Odyssey engine

What is known though, is that the Odyssey will share the same platform as the new Pilot, another new development from Honda. Thanks to that knowledge, it is believed that the Odyssey and the Pilot will also share the same 3.5 liter, six-cylinder power-plant, meaning maximum power of 280BHP.

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2017 Honda Odyssey video review

2017 Honda Odyssey specs

American Honda Motor Vice President, John Mendel, recently stated in an interview that Honda were considering an all-wheel drive option for the 2017 model.

However, whilst the Japanese themselves have stated that they aren’t sure whether it’s viable or realistic thanks to other considerations (these being ground clearance, higher fuel consumption and price), we would also add that you can’t just fit this kind of system – the whole car has to be designed and engineered to make it possible, it would be very unlikely to be added as a retrofit, even by the manufacturer.

2017 Honda Odyssey pictures

2017 Honda Odyssey
Engine type SOHC 24V V6, direct fuel injection
Displacement 212 cu in (3471cc)
Power/torque 280 hp @6000 rpm; 262 lb-ft @4700 rpm
Transmission 6-speed automatic/9-speed automatic w/manual shifting mode
Wheelbase N/A
Length N/A
Height N/A
Passenger volume N/A
Cargo volume N/A
0-60 8.1 sec (est)
Top speed 104 mph (est)
PRICE RANGE: $26,000 – $34,000 (est)
Competitors: Toyota Sienna
  • Skyrider

    That Odyssey nose is really hideous. One would hope they would tone it down considerably.

    • TheIcon

      I actually like it. Reminds me a bit of a SUV/Truck.

      • Skyrider

        You don’t think it’s a bit unbalanced with the rest of the lines in the body, a bit large and in your face?

      • Skyrider

        The white accent outline on the red Odyssey makes it look cartoonish whereas the white Odyssey doesn’t have it and looks better.

    • John Dough

      i’ve seen your wife,, her nose is far more hideous! as is the rest of her face to be honest!

      • Skyrider


    • voiceforsanity

      I agree, it looks like the face of the Joker from a batman movie!

Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.7
  • Features4.7
  • Fuel economy4.5

New Honda Odyssey is expected to share its platform with new Honda Pilot crossover, including 3.5 V6 engine and AWD system. It is more likely to be true, but what really is we find out closer to the end of 2017.

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