2017 Honda Pilot is radically transformed


The third generation Honda Pilot SUV first appeared before the public in February 2015 as one of the exhibits at the Chicago Auto Show. The show model presented to visitors does not resemble the previous generation and has been radically transformed in all possible ways. The new 2016 model year Honda Pilot has a lighter and more durable body frame, stylish exterior design, high-quality interior, powerful engine and a long list of advanced equipment. The revolution that has occurred has allowed the Japanese crossover to get rid of the previously inherited archaism and become a modern car, at least not inferior to other models in its class. Leading the project since its foundation in 2001, specialists of the American division of Honda have had a hand in developing the new generation of Honda Pilot. The production model is also being manufactured in the United States at a plant in Alabama.

2017 Honda Pilot interior

The thoroughly revised 2017 Honda Pilot interior has not led to a change in its configuration, which continues to be suitable for up to 8 passengers. However, there appears an opportunity to order a seven-seater version with two so-called captain’s chairs in the second row. For the third row access is provided by a convenient folding mechanism of the chairs, activated by a simple push of a button. The luggage compartment of the new generation Honda Pilot is very impressive. If you raised all of the seats the capacity is limited to 19,4 cubic ft (550 liters), and when folded the volume increases almost up to 105 cubic ft (3000 liters).

The number of seats is, perhaps, the only thing that unites the 2017 Honda Pilot with its predecessor. The rest of the interior of new vehicles is completely different. Note how the architecture of the front panel has been changed and also the quality of materials used in the finishing (soft leather, quality plastic). In the center console is now an 8-inch screen Honda Connect multimedia system running Android.

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Rear passengers will not be bored on a long trip with a 9-inch display built into the ceiling, which can show entertainment content. Interfaces for external devices are different, for example there are five USB ports throughout the cabin.

If we focus on the dashboard, it has a very specific configuration, different from the usual options. Thus, the dashboard is formed by two semi-circular sections and the screen of the onboard computer, combined into a single unit. The current speed is displayed on a separate board, located just above. The front seats of the car are equipped with functions of heating and ventilation, and the steering wheel is also heated.

2017 Honda Pilot engine and transmission

The 2017 Honda Pilot Crossover will enter the market with the same 3.5-liter petrol unit V6 i-VTEC producing nearly 283 HP. The engine is also equipped with a VCM system which turns off two or three of the six cylinders when inactive. The result is reduced fuel consumption without compromising the accelerating dynamics of the car. The heavy 2017 Honda Pilot SUV in the combined cycle consumes about 23.5 MPG. Acceleration to 60 takes no less than 9.1 seconds (0.8 less than before).

The need to improve the technical characteristics of the Honda Pilot greatly contributed to the new 6-speed automatic transmission. The car can also be equipped with an advanced 9- speed automatic, familiar from the updated Acura YFC. Responsible for the torque distribution mechanism, the developers are offering an intelligent all-wheel drive iVTM-4, similar to the configuration offered by the Acura SH-AWD. The system designed for the Pilot can transfer 100% torque to the front axle and 70% to the rear, and the torque is able to be distributed between the wheels in different proportions. The iVTM drive-4 provides four modes of operation: “Standard”, “Snow”, “Mud” and “Sand”.

2017 Honda Pilot redesign

Let’s begin, by tradition, by inspecting the appearance of new car. It is necessary to say that at first acquaintance with photos of the 2017 Honda Pilot it is hard to refrain from loud exclamations when contemplating it. The new generation crossover looks really great, especially considering the way the exterior of the previous generation of the car appeared awkward and completely devoid of charisma. Of course, in the design of the 2017 Honda Pilot can definitely be seen the usage of the same concept that was applied in the development of current Honda CR-V. However, this approach is often taken as the basis for leading manufacturers, and especially in this particular case, it was more than justified. The new Honda Pilot model with its smooth body contours, graceful lines, relief planes and aerodynamic profile is undoubtedly capable to rise interest even among the most discerning car owners.

Turning to the details of the exterior, it’s impossible not to highlight a stylish front area with an attractive grille, made of solid chrome and formed by three beams, one of which, the upper, occupied almost the entire width of the body, and into which are driven the headlights. As a result the fascia has a complex form that perfectly fits into the overall design concept. The headlights appear brighter and now feature LED, which the previous Honda Pilot could only dream of. There is also a big bumper with three separate sections of inlets and an imposing hood with attractive longitudinal edges.

The rear part of the 2017 Honda Pilot is decorated in a more simple way, not so indulgent in style. But it is time to talk about practicality, which is provided by a large tailgate with a large glass area. There are no issues with access to the cargo bay and none regarding rearward visibility. At the same time the ceiling dimensions are drawn very well. In contrast, the compact rear bumper, generously covered with black plastic, looks less expressive.

2017 Honda Pilot price

The start of sales of the 2017 3rd generation Honda Pilot is scheduled for late 2016. Information on pricing and trim levels will be published later. Nothing portends higher prices, and hence the start price will be around $30,000.

This article about the 2017 Honda Pilot has been prepared on the basis of rumors and speculation on the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is up-to- date information available.

2017 Honda Pilot release date

We don’t have a definite answer to the question of when the crossover will appear. The benchmarks indicated the end of 2016, and, as it turned out, this data is not greatly at odds with reality. It is expected that the 2017 Pilot will keep all features of 2016 model year car.

Release date: late 2016

2017 Honda Pilot video review

2017 Honda Pilot equipment

In terms of equipment and electronic aids the new model from Honda is not much inferior to its competitors. The list of available equipment includes adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning, traffic monitoring in the center of the current lane, a collision warning with emergency braking, a rear view camera with three viewing angles and dynamic markings. Of course, passive safety features including both front airbags and side curtain airbags.

2017 Honda Pilot pictures

2017 Honda Pilot
Engine type SOHC 24V V6, direct fuel injection
Displacement 212 cu in (3471cc)
Power/torque 280 hp @6000 rpm; 262 lb-ft @4700 rpm
Transmission 6-speed automatic/9-speed automatic w/manual shifting mode
Wheelbase 111.0 inch
Length 194,5 in
Height 69,8 in
Passenger volume 152 cu ft
Cargo volume 16,5 cu ft – 109 cu ft
0-60 6.1 sec
Top speed 114 mph
PRICE RANGE: $29,995 – $46,420 (est)
Competitors: Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Hyundai Santa Fe
Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.5

We don't expect many changes in the recently updated Honda Pilot. It will probably continue to be one of the most advanced family SUVs on the market.

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