New Honda Rebel Bikes Brings Street Spirit Back


All the advanced motorcyclists of the world, not by hearsay, know about the excellent technical and ergonomic characteristics of the Honda Rebel series. Models, regardless of their cubature, are very popular among beginners and fans of this hobby. The main qualities of the whole line of Rebel, are a comfortable landing on a low seat, reliable and powerful engines, as well as the surprising ease of management of technology.

How It Is All Started

At the very beginning of its life, Rebel was positioned as a purely urban cruiser with an interesting design, its own charisma, and good power. Indeed, the 1985 models were a real breakthrough, and many bikers happily used the classic bike for daily trips around the city. It was alive, reliable and very fit in with his class. But the years went by, and the model lineup of conservative Honda did not tolerate significant changes.

Legendary Series

And finally, Honda decided to make a big step in the development of the motorbike industry, introducing new motorcycles from the legendary line of Rebel. For the 31st year of the release of classic bikes, the developers have conducted quite a lot of research and now their novelties should occupy a corresponding niche of technology for novice bike owners.

This is facilitated by an interesting and modern design that combines classic features with fashionable high-tech details, as well as balanced technical characteristics – 300 or 500 cubic cm to choose from, technical and engineering units ready for tuning and customization.


Regarding design, motorcycles have a modern and interesting appearance. It is worth noting, the appearance of new bikes was developed taking into account the comments of many users of the popular Instagram social network. That is why, the novelties have received a fined, but at the same time very daring design.

Unlike their predecessors, modern Honda Rebel will be virtually devoid of chrome parts, now it’s dark and matte colors that emphasize certain bright parts of the motorcycle’s body. Although the novelties look modern and interesting, it did not deprive the character’s bike of the classic Rebel. Here, then there are glimpsed familiar features of all. This will appeal to all lovers of classic bikes, made in a modern design with an excellent filling.

In addition to the special attention paid to the familiar nature of Rebel, the developers have done everything possible to simplify and achieve absolute minimalism in all the features of a motorcycle specially created for city driving.

Recognition of the bike adds more capacity to the fuel tank and a comfortable saddle, and completely new stands the entire wheelbase and exhaust system. Some bikers will be able to notice the notes of bobber in the new Rebel. Whatever it is easier to make from the bike interesting cast, the user can easily remove the attachment of the wing and subframe.

Rebel 300

The youngest bike from the line of new Rebel, received an updated version of the popular 286 cubic centimeters four-stroke engine. The unit has a modern liquid cooling and one cylinder. In general, the new engine has more fine-tuning, which allows it to receive improved performance. According to preliminary data, the younger version of the Rebel, has thirty-one horsepower at 20 ft lb of torque. It is worth noting, the novelty has these indicators at 361 lbs of weight, so for the dynamics of acceleration and speed, you can not worry.

Rebel 500

The older model under the 500 marking received a more powerful 471 cubic centimeter engine with two cylinders. Accurate adjustment of parts and excellent tuning, coupled with water cooling, allow the novelty to issue 47 hp and 31 ft lb of torque. Because of the powerful engine, the bike turned out to weigh 408 lbs. With these parameters, such indicators are more than sufficient to use the bike for its intended purpose, that is, in the conditions of the city.

Both Models

Of the characteristics common to both, it is worth noting the six-speed gearbox, as well as reliable disc brakes from Nissin. At the request of the buyer, the novelty can be installed anti-lock system. This option has a low price – $300, but at the same time adds more than three kilograms of weight.

In general, new items from Honda turned out to be more than worthy. We hope both models will get the same popularity and their predecessors. This is facilitated by a comfortable fit, suitable for all users, regardless of growth. Even in a motorcycle, a comfortable steering wheel is implemented, which does not have to be stretched, so the biker will be able to sit flat with a relaxed back and hands.
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