2017 Honda S2000 redesign appearance will not disappoint


What do you know about the Honda S2000? It was produced from 1999 to 2009. It was a Roadster with rear-wheel drive. And, of course, that it was the car with the best indicator of specific power per liter of engine displacement among all cars naturally aspirated – its two-liter engine boasted 250 “horses”, to cope with which helped ideal weight distribution achieved, including, due to the moving the engine behind the front axle, and the differential with increased internal resistance. In a word, it was a spectacular car, and everyone knows this. But what some may not know is that Honda looks in the foreseeable future to please the fans of its worthy successor. We collected all available data.

2017 Honda S2000 release date

The Assembly of the car also promises to establish in the U.S. – at a plant in Ohio. Moreover, there is evidence that and to declassify the new car it will be shown (how many matches) – at the motor show in Detroit in 2018. Although according to others (this phrase lightly stuffed nauseam, but that’s all we have at the moment), a car could make its debut sooner, in 2017, having a pre-production or mass vestments.

Release date: late 2017

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2017 Honda S2000 price

The new model 2017 Honda S2000 model year will cost around 59,000 USD or 42,000 EUR. Again, all of this information is not official.

2017 Honda S2000 redesign

The main thing that you should consider speaking about this future car is something that almost all of the information available to interested people is speculation, assumptions and rumours, from time to time supported by insiders. But here is one of the main issues was the question of appearance – it seems almost certain. Not so long ago in the network got the patent images of the new coupe from Honda that is made in the newest style of the brand and definitely looks impressive.

We have already seen and “top”, and “baby top” in the face of Honda/Acura NSX and Honda S660, respectively, and they both look like they came from another planet to show to the Japanese and to the rest of the world how to draw cars. And a car that was dubbed by journalists as the “S2000 successor”, as impressive, if not more. Its good and distinctive from any angle. The front attracts the attention of predatory black “grin” of the bumper, rolling the narrow strips of the headlamps, and massive cuts around the edges, obviously, serving for cooling of the front brakes; in side view there are large air intakes, cut like a katana. On the rear eye is torn between the acute-angled “shutters” in place of rear glass, a large and apparently functional “grills” on the sides of the rear bumper, designed to release the air, caught the side intakes, and a massive diffuser, which place more on the car touring car championship, than car for public roads. The roof, moreover, is designed and furnished so that it may be removable, transforming the coupe into an elegant Targa.

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And all this splendor – but still cheaper than the NSX?! Remembering what the maniacs (in the best sense of the word) work in Honda, again glancing over his shoulder at S660, it is very hard to believe. However, tiny rear-view mirrors containing, rather, camera, partly implying that this may not be completely stock appearance of the car. But again going back to the existing instances in the face of the same NSX, you may recall that the difference between the concept and production car was minimal. It’s Honda! Apparently, back in Formula 1, they got so inspired that nothing can stop them now. The main thing that buyers supported their excellent initiative.

2017 Honda S2000 video review

2017 Honda S2000 engine

Bit of a strange question, if we are talking about S2000, because its index is a direct reference to the engine capacity similar to that of the S500, S600, S800, and now S660. Where to get the necessary two thousand cubic centimeters? They’re right here, right here, ready and hot – the Honda Civic Type R! No joke, 310 HP and 295 ft lb of torque, dispersing of the hot hatch up to 155 mph and reaches sixty in 5.7 seconds!

What else you need to ensure that the fan was crying with happiness, ecstatic pressing the accelerator? Hmm, let me think… maybe a mid-engine layout and optimal weight distribution? In fact, what is under the notorious “blind” in the aft part hides the trunk? There the engine, which is the place of its location immediately transports us into the environment of fast cars, powerful and uncompromising. Moreover, there is evidence that the new S2000 could have all-wheel drive layout, supported by tandem from 1.5L engine and two electric motors that will spin the front wheels. Power of petrol versions, according to different sources, varies from 330 to 365 HP, and the power of the hybrid version predicted at a level from 360 to 400 “horses”.

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2017 Honda S2000 gearbox

It’s prediced a seven-speed gearbox with two clutches in couple to engine. This, of course, a decent option that will probably allow the car to reach it’s potential. However, if we really are talking about the successor to the S2000, let’s remember that the original car was equipped with only six-speed manual and hope that the Honda engineers also don’t forget, as marketers do not confuse the map. And, by the way, it is hoped, because the Civic Type R is equipped with a manual transmission, which means that Honda has run version of such a “duet”.

2017 Honda S2000 modern base

For the body, of course, promised the most modern materials. Aluminum frame must be complemented by body panels from carbon fiber and aluminum, alternated by parts made of reinforced plastic. Even if it is speculation, it is quite logical. It would be hard to assume that the car will be based on a cast iron frame and the leaf springs, but, nevertheless, thank you, insiders, and enthusiasts! By the way, NSX is just such a “cocktail” of materials, augmented, of course, high-strength steel, which in the S2000 if it is released will definitely find its place.

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What are the prospects?

And here begins the most interesting part. Rumors about the car go back to 2014, and since then there have been many guesses, polled a certain number of insiders and drawn some sketches. According to information obtained some time ago, the future of the automobile depends on how things go the Honda in key markets such as the USA and China. However, recently appeared and reported that the project was given the green light, and the patent drawings filed by the company in the United States, is partly confirmed.

2017 Honda S2000 pictures

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We all expect the introduction of the new roadster sportcar from Honda. And it might be released pretty soon, in 2017.

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