New Hyundai Creta Is Not Going To Release In U.S.


New Hyundai Creta is a compact and neatly looking SUV which introduced about two years ago. Creta is the result of two words which are creativity and Greek island known as Crete. To the disappointment of many drivers 2017 model isnt going to be sold in U.S., You can expect it on North American mostly. So what can new Creta offer? Its time to learn it.

2017 Hyundai Creta Design

To begin with, this auto comes in premium looking design which is mostly based on the recent philosophy of Hyundai which focuses on a luxurious segment. The front end of the car looks rather bold with a wide grille. Sides of the body are quite voluminous with higher resistance to damage. The rear side is quite sporty which look pretty nice. The model has 168 inches of length. Its 70 inches wide and 64 inches high. As you see this SUV is rather compact. The whole car looks sleek and provides better aerodynamics. Its alloy wheels are 17 inches wide.

2017 Hyundai Creta Interior

The cabin of 2017 Creta is opened and spacious. Hyundai says that they plan to bring a lot of changes to the interior which is mainly inspired by the latest Nissan Juke. The car will also be based on the i20 platform. In fact, the carmaker doesnt reveal a lot of details about promised interior. As far as we know, upcoming Creta includes a touchscreen infotainment system of seven inches. LED type of lightning is used inside of the model. Seats are all covered with leather. You can also find electric folding wing mirrors there along with air vents at the rear part. Airbags and different types of driving assistance are also onboard.

2017 Hyundai Creta Engine

What to expect under the hood? Its said that 2017 Creta will offer two engine variants. Both of them are 1.6 liters. One of them is good for developing up to 121 horsepower. Another engine can output around 126 horsepower. The six-speed transmission is available for both of them as well. Automatic or manual? Carmakers still hesitate. As for the drive, its going to be standard. So you can expect typical 4×2s.

2017 Hyundai Creta Future

Will 2017 Hyundai Creta come to U.S.? Its unlikely to happen. At least automaker doesnt consider such an opportunity in the near future. The reason is too high competition. In fact, U.S. market is so packed with compact SUVs that Creta simply cant compete against them and it needs another niche to dominate.

Hyundai focuses mostly on sedan models to be competitive on the world market. This is the main reason why 2017 Creta will be released for a particular market only. It’s price? Its unlikely to go any higher that the current one.
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