2017 Hyundai Elantra Get Generation Change Soon


Hyundai Elantra of the 2017 model year is the sixth generation of the famous sedan in a fresh body, designated as AD index. The premiere of the car in the South Korean market, where this model is offered under the name Avante, took place in September of this year, and the world presentation should take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I want to say that this model was very popular before the update, the manufacturer managed to sell over 10 million copies.

2017 Hyundai Elantra Is Sleek and Stylish

Prior to the official presentation, the car was safely hidden, only occasionally the manufacturer teased the public with skits and car teasers. Ultimately, as expected, the appearance of the exterior of the new Hyundai Elantra is made in today’s brand-name style of the manufacturer, called “Fludic Sculpture 2.0” with a modernized radiator grille in the form of a hexagon and enlarged, stretched lighting.

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The face of the updated sedan is somewhat similar to the restyled i40 for European market. You can also notice that the roof of the novelty is made in a more sloping style, compared with the current version of the car, but the rise of the window line in the area of the rear rack is still the same smooth, this part engineers decided not to change. The hood lid features a sporty tilt, unusual windshield frames, a rising window line, a domed roof, original chiseled arches for wheels, an attractive, expressive forage – all these motorists will meet in the new Elantra from the Hyundai. In the back area, the eyes immediately shoot “squinted” dimensions with the original patterns of LEDs, a compact luggage compartment cover, a massive bumper with excellent aerodynamics.

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2017 Elantra Interior Design and Ergonomics

Salon of the updated model has changed even more in comparison with the external appearance. Developers equipped the cabin with a completely different instrument panel. Also, another steering wheel was installed, with many useful buttons. The salon got a modernized instrument panel. Particular attention deserves the materials used in interior decoration – they are pleasant to the touch and are of high quality. The central console also received a complete audit. Now it is deployed to the driver and has some sports features.

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Elantra 2017 Improved chassis and powertrain

At the heart of the updated car is a revised chassis with a completely different suspension geometry. Due to this modernization, passengers and the driver will feel more comfortable, also the car will be more obedient in its handling. The manufacturer assures that the team of engineers carried out a number of works aimed at reducing vibration and noise inside the car. Also, when manufacturing the car, it was possible to reduce the coefficient of front resistance to 0.28.

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As engines for the Elantra of 2017 model year in the domestic market are two power units that run on gasoline, as well as one engine is diesel. The latter is capable of generating 136 hp. Maximum power with a working capacity of 1.6 liters. Only this option will be offered together with a robotic seven-speed gearbox, equipped with two clutches. Gasoline engines are fitted with a mechanical or automatic with six-speed, and the power units themselves are a 132-horsepower 1.6-liter GDI engine and perform work on the Atkinson cycle – a two-liter 149-hp motor whose peak torque is 132 ft lb.

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