Infiniti Outlook For Premium Sport – Meet The Q100 Concept


Number one Japanese premium brand Infiniti is also preparing to start production important for the image model. Potential buyers should understand that, except for the confusing alphanumeric model names, defines this luxury brand.

Awesome Look

2017 Infiniti Q100 spy shots

Car designer Theophilus Chin has already published on website its renders. Infiniti Q100 coupe should be a hallmark of Infinity in terms of design and performance. It is expected that the model, which will appear in 2017, will get a new platform and rear wheel drive.

The new top-end Q100 model of the Infiniti range, which by a light hand got the name Q100, will be built on presented in 2009 year on the Geneva show and received a lot of positive feedback Essence Concept of Infiniti. Subtle stainless steel lines enclose grille of Infiniti Essence, but other the finishing is virtually non-existent: grills or air openings, and even the fog lamps are absent. Minimalist design is obvious in the lack of doorhandles – doors can be opened using the buttons recessed in the panels. Side mirror are swapped to a minicameras fixed on the a-pillars.

Possible Engine

2017 Infiniti Q100 release date

The extent of the new Q100 is 470cm. Concept is armed with a hybrid power plant comprising a 440-horsepower gasoline V6 3.7l engine with a double turbo-supercharging and an electromotor of 160HP, powered by li-ion battery placed in the coupe’s stern. Power unit torque equals to 500 N*m. Combined cycle Fuel consumption of rear-drive coupe is 8.0 l/100km and CO emission is 190g/km.

In addition, recently it became known that the new flagship of the Japanese brand can be built on a universal platform, Mercedes MFA. Recall that the original concept car was based on a hybrid power system containing an electric motor and a 3.7 V6 double-turbo engine. Combined capacity of this system was 600 HP


2017 Infiniti Q100 pricing

Compete sports Q100 coupe will be recognized of the class favorites: Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe, Bentley Continental GT, Nissan GT-R, BMW M6, Porsche 911 Turbo. BMW i8 is the Bavarians from BMW are preparing to soon open sales hybrid sports car i8. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer has designed this sports model from scratch.

Innovative technical solutions have allowed to make the car not only powerful but also economical. So, the sports car can drive up to 35 km using only the electric motor.

When to Expect?

2017 Infiniti Q100 concept

It is rumored that the new Q100 coupe by Infiniti will hit the dealers in 2018-2019. Prices for the novelty has not even been discussed.

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  • Mark Flegenheimer

    Nice car but it needs a high performance V8 of around 500bhp

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