2017 Infiniti Q30 will be sold in US under crossover name


Japanese compact premium hatchback 2017 Infiniti Q30 presented publicly in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With the new hatchback, the company will try to gain a foothold in a new compact class for itself, along with the crossover modification Infiniti QX30. New Infiniti Q30 is a joint product of the Japanese company Nissan and the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Body design and interior design engaged in Nissan, but the technical component of the new product went from Mercedes.

2017 Infiniti Q30 release date

Initially, the model went on sale in late 2015. 2017 model year car, which will not get any change, will be available for sale at the end of 2016.

Release date: late 2016

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2017 Infiniti Q30 price

The price of the new car will not change, remain at the same level. This means the level of prices of around $35,000. Interestingly, in the US market both cars, Q30 and QX30 are designated as crossover QX30.

2017 Infiniti Q30 exterior

The front end of the new hatchback from Infiniti demonstrates a neat drop of LED headlamps, branded grille with a stylish woven pattern, bumper with a large lower air intake and LED foglights.

The side of the body of the Japanese hatch looks fast, as befits a sports compact: compact nose of the bonnet, the ideal radius of the wheel arches, high sill line and domed roof, fantastically stylish ribs on the surface of the side doors, the original form of the C-pillar.

Rear part with narrow rear lights with LED filling, perfectly inscribed in the hands of designers. The tailgate of unusual shape and a huge bumper with pipes of the exhaust system are integrated into the diffuser on the bottom of the rear fairing.

No doubt, the new production version Infiniti Q30 2017 looks great, the design team did their best and awarded the novelty is virtually the same appearance as the prototype of the Infiniti Q30 Concept, presented in 2013, also at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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2017 Infiniti Q30 video

2017 Infiniti Q30 interior

The interior design of the Japanese compact hatchback fully meets the standards of premium. Luxury finishing materials, accurate assembly, advanced equipment and highly ergonomic interior. Driver’s seat and front passenger one have an excellent profile and expressive lateral support, with the presence of electric adjustment and heating. Stylish multifunction steering wheel, highly informative instrument panel with a pair of large radii of the speedometer and tachometer complemented by a color screen trip computer, a touchscreen in the center console has 8-inch color screen entertainment system Infiniti InTouch. Below – rigorous and intuitive audio control units, support functions and the climate control unit.

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2017 Infiniti Q30 specs

Japanese compact vehicle based on the new MFA modular platform from Mercedes-Benz also uses the new petrol and diesel motors, and transmission from the German company.

In the engine compartment of the new Japanese five-door hatchback will be installed Mercedes-made diesel and petrol engines, two transmissions to choose from: a 6 speed manual and 7-speed robotized manual with two clutch disks.

Front suspension with MacPherson racks, rear is a multi-link. Brakes are all-wheel disc with ABS and a complete set of security systems – BAS, ESP, and ASR. The car also has the system prevents rolling back when starting uphill, electric power steering, parking brake with electronic control. Buyers will be offered as a standard hatchback with front-wheel drive, as well as all-wheel drive car could be ordered as an option.

2017 Infiniti Q30 engines

Gasoline engines for the new Infiniti Q30:

1.6 liter with two power versions (122 hp and 156 hp).
The 2.0-liter (211 hp 350 Nm).

Diesel for the new Infiniti Q30:

1.5-liter (109 hp) and 2.2-liter (170 hp).

In the US market, only 2.0-liter 211 HP modification could be available.

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2017 Infiniti Q30 images

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