2017 Infiniti Q60 Is A Brilliant-Looking Premium Sports Coupe


For international detroit in Detroit, which opened its doors in January 2016, the Japanese premium brand Infiniti brought a two-door coupe “Q60” of the second generation, which was built on the basis of the same concept model (presented in March 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show). Against the background of the predecessor, the car changed beyond recognition – it added in size, it got much more daring proportions and tried on a completely new technical component. In the US, sales of the sports car began in September 2016.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Sleek and Sporty Design

“Second” Infiniti Q60 differs emotional and expressive style and sporting proportions, clad in the “family” design of the Japanese brand. A long hood with muscular ribs, an understated silhouette and a short but powerful forage – looks like a coupe promptly, plastically and aggressively.

For the latter quality meets the front end with an evil “look” of the head optics and a wide grille, and the appearance is complemented by a pair of “trunks” of the exhaust system integrated into the rear bumper and large wheels of the wheels.

2017 Q60 Premium Interior

Interior Infiniti Q60 2-nd generation attractive and high-quality, but that’s sports (especially on the background of appearance), he lacks. First of all, attention is drawn to two screens placed in the central part of the torpedo, which absorbed most of the functions. Upper display with a diagonal of 8 inches displays a picture of the navigation and from panoramic view cameras, and the bottom 7-inch displays the menu of the Infiniti InTouch system (music, “climate” and settings of various complexes). The dashboard, not overloaded with unnecessary information, is modern and concise, and the multifunctional “steering wheel” all its appearance corresponds to the premium status of the model.

Now about materials of finishing – in the car moderately soft to the touch and expensive on a kind of plastics, the varnished “decor” on the central console, inserts from aluminum, a natural leather and an ebony are applied, the truth, is optional. The interior of the Infiniti Q60 is organized according to the formula “2 + 2”, which means that the rear seats will be more suitable for children than for adult passengers. But the front riders will feel most comfortable – they have embossed and ergonomic chairs with a lot of electric adjustments and optimal lateral and lumbar support. With practicality, the two-door has full order – its trunk can hold 342 liters in a standard position.

Q60 2017 Serious Tech

On the Infiniti Q60 of the second generation, three petrol units are installed, which are combined with a non-alternative 7-band “automatic” and rear-wheel-drive transmission. For a surcharge for the car, a full-drive system is available, which normally directs the entire traction to the rear wheels, but, if necessary, transfers up to 50% to the front axle.

The “junior” engine on the Japanese compartment is a 2.0-liter “direct” unit with four row-located cylinders and a turbocharger and a 16-valve timing gear, which produces 208 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 258 ft lb of torque. From a place to 60 MPH, it shoots after 7.3 seconds, maximally accelerating to 146 MPH.

The “intermediate” version is a 3.0-liter V-shaped six-cylinder unit (VR30) with a pair of turbochargers, direct fuel supply, phase shifters with high-speed electric motors and integrated exhaust manifold in the head of the unit, producing 304 stallions at 6400 rpm and 295 ft lb of torque at 1600-5200 rpm. Speeds up at a speed of 147 MPH.

“The power” is headed by the same 3.0-liter “six”, but with an additional pump in the cooling system and modified turbochargers, spinning up to 240,000 rpm, thanks to which its potential is brought to 405 “horses” at 6,400 rpm and 350 ft lb at 1600-5200 rpm. The 0-60 acceleration is 5 seconds, maximally gaining 155 MPH. At the heart of the Infiniti Q60 of the 2017 model year extends the rear-wheel drive chassis of the Nissan FM with a two-link suspension in the front and multi-link architecture from the rear (optional on the coupé are placed electronically controlled shock absorbers).

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