2017 Jaguar F type will get extreme SVR version


Sporty two-seater Jaguar F-Type was first presented to the public in 2012. The new model is the premium British brand has become a follower of the traditions of the legendary E-Type, which became in time a real “fashion icon” for car of this class. Interestingly, contrary to the usual course of events Jaguar firstly launched a roadster, and only then, after some time, the market hit F-type coupe. In the USA, the British engineering miracle is sold in two versions, but the most powerful of the available is a modification of the F-Type R with 5.0-liter V8 engine, 550 hp. However, in the long term, this version will no longer be a top-end, because recently confirmed the information about the imminent release of “charged” 2-door 2017 Jaguar F Type SVR

2017 Jaguar F type release date

Updated F type and its SVR modification will be available in the next 2017.

2017 jaguar f type release date

Release date: 2017

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2017 Jaguar F type price

F-type cost starts at $66,000, while the cost of an extreme version of the SVR can reach up to $165,000 in the maximum configuration.

2017 Jaguar F type review

The development of “hot” versions of Coupé and Roadster engaged Special Vehicle Operations division, established in 2014 and is located near the headquarters of Jaguar Land Rover. During modifications SVR-versions of the model have received a number of structural changes designed to improve aerodynamics and cooling of individual elements, as well as to reduce the weight of the vehicle. These adjustments resulted in a slight increase in the length of the body.

2017 jaguar f type review

2017 Jaguar F type exterior

“Charged” Jaguar received a special configuration front bumper, promoting a better heat dissipation from the engine compartment area and on the brakes. Better cooling is provided by air intakes increased size. They together with an integrated bumper splitter contribute to the proper distribution of air flow, reduces the aerodynamic drag. An important role in the removal of heat and to improve aerodynamics play the vents on the bonnet and the front wings.

2017 jaguar f type price

Another feature of the 2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR exterior – a large rear spoiler, surpassing the size and efficiency of the wing of other modifications. In normal driving conditions the spoiler extends automatically at 70 mph. Selecting Dynamic mode allows you to raise the spoiler, after which it will be in the operating position at any speed.

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2017 Jaguar F type interior

Interior of the SVR version may have several color design options, each of which involves the use of genuine leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Two super comfortable Performance seats encouraging a wide range of adjustment, allowing even adjust the position of the lateral support rollers. Between the seats there is a tunnel with a gearbox lever and control buttons. As the main multimedia system used InControl complex, which is an 8-inch touch screen. It may be complemented by a Meridian audio system power of 380 or 770 W (10 and 12 speakers, respectively).

2017 jaguar f type interior

Compare with the interior of 2017 Lexus LC 500

2017 Jaguar F type SVR specs

The only engine available for the Jaguar F Type SVR 2017 powerplant is a five-liter “eight” power of 575 hp. It has a peak torque of 516 lb-ft, ensures the car to accelerate to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. The speed limit for the coupe speed set at 200 mph. For the Convertible – 194 mph. Jaguar F-Type SVR is available exclusively in all-wheel drive configuration. The force on the axis is transmitted via an 8-speed automatic transmission Quickshift, retuned for better engine power output.

2017 jaguar f type engine

The good performance of the car ensured by a lightweight and at the same time, strong body. Curb weight of SVR coupe is 3758 lbs, Convertible is slightly heavier. The optional exhaust system of Inconel (nickel-chrome superalloy) and titanium allows throw out about 26 pounds of weight. Carbon-ceramic brakes installation may decrease the weight by 46 pounds.

2017 Jaguar F type video

2017 Jaguar F type images

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