2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Become Much Lighter


It’s a very broad generalization, but bike buyers are generally quite loyal to a certain brand; you’re a Harley man (or woman!), a Honda buyer or supporter of Kawasaki – of course, they’re just three brands, there are plenty more to choose from.

With this in mind, all of the larger brands try to offer a model that suits all ranges of buyers; super sport, off road, tourer, beginner … the list is endless, but occasionally, along comes a bike that fits in to a number of genres, the Ninja 650 is such a bike; it has enough power to interest more experienced riders, yet is light enough and not powerful enough to intimidate those with less experience. The

2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 is available in the showroom now, and from what we’ve seen, it’s going to be a great seller. Can’t get to the showroom? You can order it online through the big K’s website. There are three models, the non-ABS version is (of course) the cheapest at just $7,399, next up we have the ABS version at $7,799 and there is also the KRT Edition at $7,999.

Main Changes

Kawasaki have made numerous changes to this mid-range sportster, perhaps most significantly is the use of a steel trellis frame and aluminum ‘gull-wing’ swing arm, this alone has helped to reduce overall weight by 42 lb; on such a bike, that makes a dramatic difference. Not only is the Ninja lighter, but it has also been slimmed down – low speed manoeuvring is easy, the whole bike feels easy to throw about.

Kawasaki have matched the slimline look with three new colors; Candy Burnt Orange, Metallic Spark Black and Pearl Blizzard White. It isn’t just about styling though – the 649cc engine has been fettled to increase low down power, improve fuel efficiency (by as much as 6.8% according to Kawasaki) and now puts out 68 BHP and returns around 55 MPG. The bike feels like it has enough acceleration in every gear, certainly enough to keep ahead of traffic, although if you’re looking for sport bike performance, you’ll need to keep looking.

The styling has taken inspiration from the bigger (and faster) Ninja ZX10R, meaning that it looks quite aggressive and sporty, and has a few nice touches like the underslung exhaust. Don’t be fooled by the style though, it has a fairly relaxed riding position, helped by a reduced set height and the buffeting is taken care of with an adjustable screen.

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