Compact But Fast Kawasaki Z125 Pro Updated For 2017


Kawasaki is famous for different bikes – but it gains its reputation primary for building a reliable, good performance 125 and 250cc bikes. Those two whellers might look too simple and lack of brutality, but they are fancy and suitable for urban driving. Just like recently debuted 2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro which is designed exclusively for the United States market.

Urban Designed

There was a plan to make this model exclusive to Asia but owing to wider import opportunities the company has now they are going to sell this bike on U.S. market.

The company wanted to create a bike for urban purposes with a good fuel mileage and not very expensive in use. So they’ve achieved it. The bike is a good match for such models as Z1000 and Z800. To some extent, it has a resemblance with Yamaha YSR50 of the 90s.

This bike is nice for beginners as well. It has a compact size and the seat which is 30.7 inches high. It’s promised that the model can manage as much as 225 pounds of weight. Kawasaki has worked a lot with the suspension. It includes rear preload adjustment which is good for four positions.

Simple But Reliable

As for the engine used, it is 125cc SOHC which is cooled by air. It includes two valves as well as four strokes. The model is of fuel injected type. It has been tuned to provide nice riding experience in the city. The bike comes with a clutch of manual type. In addition, there’s a gearbox of four speeds onboard.

The bike also uses a disc of metal looking type which is of 200 mm. There’s a steel frame as well which helps to anchor the chassis. The wheels of this model are made of aluminum. Their diameter is 12 inches.

Goes LED

There’s good news which will make you happy. The taillights of this bike include LED technologies which look really awesome. There’re not many colours to choose from when buying this bike but they both look really attractive. One of them is known as Candy Lime Green which makes the body of the bike more unusual and creative. Another variant which you can find is Metallic Graphite Grey which looks rather strict and even brutal.

It is promised that the bike will be here in June so you can already start saving money to buy this model. To be honest there’s not much to save because the price tag isn’t that crazy. The bike is said to be as much as $2,999 which gives you an opportunity to buy two of them in different colours.
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