More Powerful 2017 Model Year Kawasaki Z900 Keep Low Weight


Kawasaki has announced their new 2017 Z900 which is known as a replacement for Z800. The new bike is rather promising in terms of design and productivity. You can expect it soon enough.

If you want to obtain this model you’ll have to pay as much as much as $8,399. Those of you who are interested in ABS presence should be ready to pay $8,799.

There are two colors for this bike. So you can choose between Pearl Mystic Gray or Metallic Flat Spark Black and Metallic Flat Spark Black or Metallic Spark Black.

The whole style of 2017 Kawasaki Z900RS is inspired by Sugomi which is also Kawasaki trademark. The whole model is based on the 948cc type of engine which has four cylinders. The bike also includes twin-spar trellis frame which is made using steel. It goes without saying that Kawasaki has done their best to offer this bike with perfect handling and high level of comfort.


Speaking of the engine in details, 2017 Z900 offers DOHC which is liquid cooled. This 948cc unit is equipped with 16 valves. If you want to have some fun and feel the real pleasure you need to go over 6,000 rpm. The motorbike provides smooth throttle response owing to its throttle bodies which are 36mm.

Z900 On a Diet

It’s good to know that 2017 Kawasaki Z900RS combines lightweight piston with forged ones which give nice results. According to Kawasaki themselves, when you ride this bike you have all of your senses activated which means that this is something extraordinary. This model can also boast about a new air intake which has been seriously redesigned. It enhances the level of noise.

Now let’s talk about the gearbox used for this motorbike. There are six gears available for you. First five gears feature short ratios which make it possible to improve acceleration significantly. The sixth gear acts as an override when you reach a higher speed. As for assist-and-slipper clutch, it has benefited a lot from racetrack which was used in the case with the well-known Ninja H2R as well as ZX-10R. Downshifts are smooth enough.

The frame used is made of steel. The engine of this bike is placed at 5 points which make it easier to increase the productivity of the model as well as reduce its weight. Upside-down forks have 41mm of size. They are made with wide adjustability options which are another good decision by Kawasaki.

How can you stop this new model? It uses dual discs of 300mm of size. There’s a single disc as well. Its size is 250mm. You can also opt for ABS.
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