2017 Kia Rio will get only cosmetic changes


On the North American market, Kia Rio emerged in 2001. Сompact-class car as the sedan and hatchback is popular due to its reliability and reasonable price. The company is preparing a small modernization of the 2017 Kia Rio. Targeted improvements touched the body, interior, and chassis. Increased service life of the individual components will significantly reduce the cost of ownership.

2017 Kia Rio release date

The updated sedan and hatchback will appear at the end of 2016. Completely new generation should be expected after the same platform relative from Hyundai – Accent model.

Release date: late 2016

2017 kia rio release date

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2017 Kia Rio price

The pricing of the updated Kia Rio will remain the same, starting MSRP $15,100 for a basic trim.

2017 Kia Rio exterior

Kia Rio 2017 looks almost unchanged. Exterior restyling is to change the shape of bumpers, air intakes, the geometry of headlights.

2017 kia rio price

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2017 Kia Rio interior

When making a Kia Rio 2017 interior, higher quality plastic is used, although the finish is still dominated by textile elements. The instrument panel and the multifunction steering wheel were redesigned. Braid decorated with a large line. For convenience, reduced the number of buttons on the air conditioner and media system panels. The basic version is equipped with an adjustable tilt and telescopic steering column, the driver’s seat is height adjustable. Safety is provided by two air bags. Door cards have a new design. The architecture of the front seats has changed, side support becomes more effective. Headrests become more convenient.

2017 kia rio interior

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2017 Kia Rio specs

Composite materials are widely used to facilitate construction. The quality of assembling have risen. Suspension has been slightly improved: shock absorbers changed the working angle. The main components remain the same. Front suspension – independent spring, MacPherson type with transverse stabilizer. Rear – Semi-spring with torsion beam and hydraulic shock absorbers.

2017 kia rio specs

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2017 Kia Rio equipment

Given the modest standard trim, car producer offer owners a diverse package options, that can transform Kia Rio. If desired, you can additionally set the front curtain and side airbags, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel rim, emergency brake, parking sensors, cruise control, light sensor, auto headlights, chrome trim, engine start button, alloy wheels.

2017 Kia Rio dimensions

The length of the sedan – 172.3 in; hatchback -162.4; width – 66.9 in; Height – 57.8 in; wheelbase – 101.1 in; clearance – 6.2 inches; curb weight of the base version – 2315 lbs.

2017 kia rio exterior

2017 Kia Rio engines

The new Kia Rio 2017 will be equipped with two proven inline four-cylinder DOHC engines. Without radical changes in the engine compartment, the manufacturer is not in a hurry to increase cost of production. Features of 16-valve engines are following: a gasoline engine of 1.4 liter producing 108 hp with 99.5 ft-lb of torque; petrol engine of 1.6 liter displacement producing 125 horsepower and 114 ft-lb of torque.

2017 kia rio engine

Transmission is represented by four options: 5-and 6-speed manual, 4-and 6-speed automatic. In some countries, diesel versions are available. It is likely that engine range will complement the more technologically advanced unit of a GDI series with 1.5L displacement.

2017 Kia Rio video

2017 Kia Rio images

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