Practical and Eco-Friendly 2017 KIA Soul EV


The 2017 KIA Soul EV was introduced as part of KIA’s effort to comply with existing and forthcoming legislation regarding manufacturing and emissions for vehicles. It competes with other EV’s such as the Nissan Leaf, VW e-Golf and Ford Focus EV in as much that they cost under $40,000 and have a range of less than 100 miles. Although that is hopefully about to change. We think that the new 2017 KIA Soul EV should be in the dealerships toward the end of 2016, expect to see them any time now.

2017 KIA Soul EV release date: late 2016

Updated: EV version of Soul has already available in showrooms

2017 KIA Soul EV Price and Changes

We don’t actually have any confirmed prices as yet, but even with upgraded batteries and tech, it’s doubtful that KIA will want to push the price to high; it competes in a very strong market and it needs to remain competitive. Current prices are around $35,000, so expect to see a small hike over that, perhaps between $35,500 and $36,000.

Updated: price for 2017 Soul EV starting from $33,145 up to $36,845.

The biggest change expected for the new model is an upgraded power supply, which in turn should mean an extended range; the current model ran out of juice around the 93 mile mark, it’s hoped that the new Soul should hit around 110 miles.

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2017 Soul EV Range

It doesn’t sound too much, but 100+ miles was the magic barrier that everyone was aiming for. Nissan managed to break that barrier recently and now all other low-end EV’s are playing catch up.

The rest of the vehicle will get minor improvements but the Soul EV has always been pretty popular thanks to its high seating arrangement, practical cabin and CHAdeMo DC quick charging system. However, we do think that the hood, grille and bumpers will be redesigned, giving a different look to the compact utility vehicle. We also know that the headlights and tail lights have been completely redesigned to assist with the updated look. Overall, the car will look a little more modern and updated, just don’t expect a completely different car.

Soul EV 2017 With Better Trim

The interior is also set to get an update; better trim, more technology and more features, although of course some of those features could be added to the options list.

Whatever the changes, we are sure that the 2017 KIA Soul EV will remain one of the most popular EV’s in the sub $40 grand bracket; it looks cool and with an extended range, it will be more popular than ever.
  • Gregbear

    I have a 2016. Great car and you can easily get 120 in city driving.. Highway, if you keep it under 60MPH, you can get close to 100 Miles.. The drag coefficient really takes away from highway distance..

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4.6 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.3
  • Design4.5
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy5

2017 KIA Soul EV is one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market, is expected to get higher range for 2017 model year.

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