2017 Kia Soul will get improved body design


The Korean manufacturer Kia are in the process of finalizing their updated crossover, the Soul, and are now openly testing the new version on public roads; spy shots of the vehicle have been released on the internet.

2017 Kia Soul release date

The Kia Soul will be released next year, although no confirmation of the actual date.

Release date: 2017

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2017 Kia Soul dimensions

Overall dimensions of the new Kia Soul are:
Length 162.9”
Width 70.8”
Height 62.7”
Wheelbase 101.1”
Ground clearance 6.2”
Curb weight (depending on exact spec) 2826 – 3099 lbs.

2017 Kia Soul price

Again, no official confirmation for the 2017 Soul, but prices are expected to remain fairly static, meaning that the base model will come in around $17,000 and the flagship hitting approximately $23,000.

2017 Kia Soul exterior

The next gen Kia Soul is expected to be in 2018, and it should feature completely restyled fenders, new air intake and modern headlights, all in all, it should give the Kia a more contemporary look. Kia want to retain the market share that they already have, they can only do this by making sure that the new Soul is well received.

The 2017 Soul has been inspired by the Trailster concept vehicle and Kia have added further color options over the current range. It is also thought that the new 2017 Kia Soul will have large rims, designed specifically for the Soul.

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2017 Kia Soul interior

Depending on how many of the options boxes you tick, the new Soul has an impressive array of equipment; multi-function (and heated) steering wheel, 4.3” on-board computer screen, lacquered wood finish panels, 8” media touchscreen and of course climate control.

The front seats give good support and have powered adjustment, and the upholstery can be trimmed in cloth or leather, again, depending on what boxes you tick at the dealership.

The rear seats will just about seat three adults, although compared to some of the other vehicles in the same class, it does feel a bit cramped.

2017 Kia Soul specs

No details have been officially released about the new vehicle, but unofficial sources say that the Soul will be fitted with a 4-cylinder power plant, possibly of 1.6 liter displacement.

The engine itself will be available in two states of tune, although neither of them are particularly powerful; 1.6 liter I4 engine, 124 BHP for the base engine and a massive 132 BHP for the higher tuned power plant. Both engines will be coupled to a manual or auto 6-speed transmission. There is also talk of a 1.6 liter diesel engine, producing 128 BHP and coupled to an auto transmission only.

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2017 Kia Soul new powertrain rumors

However, there are also some rumors regarding a sporty version, perhaps using a turbocharged GDi 4-cylinder engine, producing approximately 200 BHP and maybe with an AWD layout. Power will be sent through a 7-speed dual clutch system and the interior is expected to be aimed at the younger generation.

2017 Kia Soul video

2017 Kia Soul equipment

The base model is fitted with push button start, cruise control, climate control, panoramic sunroof, xenon headlights and an 8” touchscreen multimedia system.

The flagship model has all of the above, but also includes 18” alloy rims, keyless entry, panoramic electric sunroof and parking sensors.

2017 Kia Soul images

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    The 2017 USA Kia Soul Brochure is now out – DL the .PDF here https://uploadfiles.io/f751

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    8 Way Power Passenger Seat
    Blind Spot Detection (Symbol on mirrors)
    Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    Fast Charging USB Ports in Center Armrest Console (1 inside, 1 facing rear passengers)
    Harman Kardon Premium Audio System
    LED Fog Lights
    1.6L Turbo 4 Cyl Engine
    7 Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission
    New Exterior & Interior Color Options

    Also looks like they tweaked the front and rear bumpers slightly (notice the front bumper grill)

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