2017 Land Rover LR4: a whole new car


Very soon will be released a new, fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery as a 2017 model year. On the US market, it will be referred to as the 2017 Land Rover LR4.

The car has been developed, manufactured experimental cars, which have already begun to travel on public roads. Of course, people began to notice the new SUV and do the first images and share them online. It is very similar to the conceptual version of Discovery Vision presented in 2014 to a greater extent, to satisfy the public’s curiosity to what happens registration body, since the appearance of the production model will be almost copied from the concept car.

2017 Land Rover LR4 release date

Most likely the new SUV will be available in early 2017. At the same time, it goes on sale around the world.

Release date: early 2017

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2017 Land Rover LR4 price

The SUV cost remains unknown. Most likely, it will remain at approximately the same level in order to ensure the competitiveness of the model. Therefore, we should expect the price tag at around $55,000 for the basic package.

2017 Land Rover LR4 redesign

2017 LR4 with a new look might increase its customer base, adding people, who will have noticed fresh exterior crossover with all-terrain roots. However, the main distinguishing feature, by which the profile of this British car was always recognizable by all – “stepped” roof, the designers did not put anything in it to change. In the pictures the car is completely covered with camouflage, but, despite this, in the form of future Land Rover LR4 are seen the outlines of Vision Concept, presented for the first time in late 2014.

Most likely, the novelty will be deprived of sharp edges, which will be replaced by sleek flowing lines, the fifth version will have slightly lower stepped roof. In general, the vehicle exterior will be similar to his younger brother, Discovery Sport with characteristic glazing and rear pillar, as well as the attractive headlights.

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2017 Land Rover LR4 specs

New LR4 will also be equipped with a proprietary Terrain Land Rover system, which resets the parameters of the machine, depending on the variant of the surface, in addition, the car seems to get quite a few new improvements and integrated systems. For example, there is a perception of the laser system, which will scan the terrain and adjust the suspension on the basis of the information received, urging it to be more productive. Land Rover LR4 2017 will use a monocoque made of aluminum, which is also used on the latest Range Rover.

2017 Land Rover LR4 engines

The latest lineup of  INGENIUM powertrains will be under the hood of the car. There you may see the hybrid setup, which will apply an electric motor and a two-liter power unit. More efficient engines and reduced weight allow this car to spend less fuel or electricity.

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2017 Land Rover LR4 video

2017 Land Rover LR4 equipment

Lineup Land Rover suffering from its far from being advanced infotainment systems, the problem is not solved even in the fresh Range Rover, as well as in Discovery Sport. The question of whether the new LR4 will be equipped with the new system, still has not been resolved, but it is clearly different, the car will get a projection display that will project a high-quality image on the windshield.


Previously, we had time to get acquainted with the remote control via phone in recent Land Rover SUVs. 2017 LR4 will be equipped with the same function. This modern system is very similar to that used in the BMW 7 Series.

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2017 Land Rover LR4 images

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The new LR4 or possibly LR5, will be based on the next-generation Discovery, which received a whole new body and updated powertrains.

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