Lexus TX Is Going to Be The New SUV In a Model Range


In the Internet appeared the first rumors that the Japanese will soon be removed from its lineup frame Lexus GX, which commonplace comes SUV with a monocoque body. Latest TX should be off the Assembly line in late 2016.

Of course, the automotive world won’t lose much with the departure of GX from the market. The phrase “a premium SUV” itself is against. If SUV – bridges, axles, differential lock, the frame, in the dirt and track, in fields and fords, not sparing the polished sides. But if the premium – chic, brilliance, beauty, even on the priming to move on this will not want.

So in terms of positioning model in the Japanese swing and a miss. It’s a shame the other serious SUVs are gradually becoming dinosaurs. In principle, all right – evolution even in the automotive industry is evolution. But alternatives such workaholic still there, and it means that very soon we may find ourselves without a simple and reliable all-wheel drive technology. Even a Land Rover Defender and that will soon turn into a SUV.

So, slowly but surely, all the automakers of the world refuse from the production of these heavy SUVs, replacing them with stupid “belly-graters” with a monocoque body and multi-plate instead of an honest misunderstanding of the gear. Well, the GX is not a big loss for the segment for premium, according to the Japanese, the SUV is hardly ever going off the pavement, but the overall trend is certainly disappointing.

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Futuristic Exterior

As it became known edition of Automotive News, GX, created on the basis of not quite the premium Toyota Land Cruiser Prado , will be replaced by 2017 Lexus TX crossover with all the consequences. Some suggest that the basis for 2017 Lexus TX will be the platform of the Toyota Avalon, others believe that the car will be built on the basis of the rear-drive Lexus IS. To the novelty will be called the TX, at least that is the abbreviation registered in the patent chamber of the Japanese manufacturer.

Turbocharged Engine

Under the hood of the TX will no longer be voracious V8, instead of the “SUV” will be equipped with 2-liter 250-horsepower turbo engine. And the Japanese certainly will make a hybrid version of the premium SUV now.
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The new Lexus SUV will replace popular model and bring novice to all Lexus brand fans and premium family car lovers.

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