2017 Lincoln Continental turn out to be popular


The new 2017 Lincoln Continental full-size sedan has all chances to become a bestseller. It turns out that already the tens of thousands potential customers are wishing to purchase new product.

The days when Lincoln were annually sold in over 200,000 copies, were a quarter of century ago. In recent years, Ford’s premium division survived by selling little more than 80,000 cars a year. Now, however, there has been a breakthrough that could be even more impressive than you could imagine.In interview with Automotive News Lincoln SEO Mark Matt Van Dike mentioned “increased activity”, which is marked even before the launch of a new full-size sedan Continental. “People ask questions about it. This is the first sensation for a very long time “, – he shares.

So, 2017 Lincoln Continental turn popular even before the actual release.

2017 lincoln continental turn popular

New Bestseller?

To date, 40,000 people has expressed a desire to buy a car. By the standards of premium brand – it’s a lot. Judge for yourself: in the past year, sales for the first time in six years, broke the mark of 100,000 copies. It seems North American audience hungry for the full-length “cruiser” with the historic name (first Continental appeared in 1939), and even unobtrusive resemblance to the Bentley sedans is not a problem for them.Remind that Continental presented at the Detroit Motor Show at the beginning of of the year. Sedan is built on a chassis with a transverse arrangement of the power unit, it is equipped with a 3.0-liter “six” with two turbochargers and four-wheel drive. US sales will start in the autumn.

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