2017 Lincoln coupe relies on Lincoln MKZ success


Luxurious, stylish and large 2-door the Lincoln brand in the current century has already created, but only as a trial concept. It was a convertible Mark X 2004, built on the chassis of Ford Thunderbird. Under the hood was a 3.9 V8 engine capacity of 280 HP

2017 Lincoln coupe specs

2017 Lincoln coupe concept

The success or failure of recently introduced Lincoln MKZ beautiful sedan will largely determine the fate of the brand. Well, maybe another crossover MKC. Only they will be followed by new generation MKS sedan, MKX SUV, the Navigator SUV and an updated version of Ford’s Explorer. But all these cars have long been at the hearing. But miss on what the fans of the brand — so it is on the coupe. And if Ford suddenly does not kill the Lincoln brand, a new large rear-wheel drive the 2-door to be!

2017 Lincoln coupe review

2017 Lincoln coupe platform

The plan is to use the platform of sports car Ford Mustang. Insiders say the alleged EcoBoost 2.9 V6 motor (this motor will be present in the range of the new Mustang). But only mustang “cart” for Lincoln should be slightly stretched and that is logical, will make a car with a little more emphasis on comfort.

2017 Lincoln coupe release

2017 Lincoln coupe release date

If all goes as planned, the new coupe will appear in late 2017 as a 2018 model year car.

Release date: late 2017

2017 Lincoln coupe pricing

2017 Lincoln coupe redesign

Design innovations remains a mystery, but most likely it will be made in the traditional style of Lincoln, and it means that instead of aggressiveness and sportiness we’ll see something conservative and elegant. The new model will be available only in the coupé and its open version in the back of a convertible is not expected. We also add that in the event of failure models MKZ and MKD mark Lincoln may cease to exist.

2017 Lincoln coupe price

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2017 Lincoln coupe interior

Base for 2017 Lincoln coupe will serve 2016 Ford Mustang release. This is already legendary model 6-th generation.

The interior is convenient and comfortable, but also feels sports restraint. Dashboard presents touch screen, protected from all sides by the cabin material. At the top are heating outlets.

2017 Lincoln coupe engine

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2017 Lincoln coupe engine set

Based on the data about the tech specs of 2016 Ford Mustang we can assume the engine range for 2017 Lincoln coupe.

In the next gen we can expect hybrid and diesel version. Here is possible list of motors.

  • 2.3 l EcoBoost Engine and a 309 HP capacity
  • 3.7 liters V6 engine for 304 horses
  • 5.0 L V8 engine of 426 horses

When purchasing you can choose manual or robotized gearbox. Among the inventions added, you can highlight a thrust vector control system. In addition, the driver can independently adjust the steering gain, and soft pedal. All adjustable without the need for the mechanic.

2017 Lincoln coupe concept

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2017 Lincoln coupe price

The price of new items yet to be discussed, but presumably the price will be at the price level of the Ford Mustang, which is now sold at a price of $26,000

2017 Lincoln coupe 0 to 60


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2017 Lincoln coupe pictures

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