2017 Lincoln MKZ: Already not a Ford, not yet a BMW


Very slow return of the Lincoln carmaker to the creation of truly luxurious cars can finally be gaining momentum. And if presented at the motor show in NY new Lincoln Continental concept is only outlined the overall brand development strategy, which debuted in LA Lincoln MKZ has become its actual embodiment.

2017 Lincoln MKZ video review

2017 Lincoln MKZ release date

After the sales start in the summer-2016 Lincoln MKZ 2017 will be the first car reflecting a refreshed design and a new line of manufacturer’s top high-performance engines. Updating Lincoln MKZ, company tries to distance themselves a little from the line Ford models built on the same platform.

Release date: summer 2016

2017 Lincoln MKZ concept

2017 Lincoln MKZ engine: Luxury power

The heart of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ is a new Biturbo 3.0-L V-shaped six-cyl engine with direct injection, mounted on exclusive Lincoln models. Combined with AWD transmission it products 400 hp and 542 Newton-meters of torque.

  • On FWD models, the power unit capacity will be limited at around 350 HP with full torque. The company management does not guarantee that this engine will never appear on the car brand Ford.
  • Thus, the base turbo-charged 2.0L four-cyl engine, whose power increased to 245 HP, is set to be paired with front – or AWD transmission.
  • Version with a hybrid power plant is equipped with an atmospheric 2.0-L four-cyl engine and CVT with two electric motors, the transmission remains exclusively FWD.

Company representatives have proudly announced an increase in the proportion of hybrids up to 30% of the total number of sales that will allow you to out from the market of imported brands.

2017 Lincoln MKZ review

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2017 Lincoln MKZ redesign

Lincoln MKZ still shares in common with the Ford CD4 Fusion platform, but the automaker hopes to be able to distance themselves from the cheaper counterparts with the new design. Eye-catching, split in half (and many hated) grille ruthlessly replaced by one-piece, first shown on the Lincoln Continental concept. It is the main element, simple, cute, although not a very original person of the updated model. However, as you move the sight towards the rear of the attractiveness of the MKZ is gradually lost, reminding us that this is just a facelift of the old one, and not a completely new car. Graceful, slightly tilted nose does not fit well visually with tall and heavy stern, wide rear pillars and sloping rear wings, inherited from the old model.

2017 Lincoln MKZ release date

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2017 Lincoln MKZ new cruise control

Adaptive cruise control in case of appearance of obstacles can now slow the car down to a complete stop and again up to the set speed after the elimination of obstacles. (In the old model after slowing down to 20 km/h, control passes to the driver). System to prevent frontal collision in case of detection of a pedestrian is now able to apply the brakes, if they consider the conflict inevitable.

In addition, the updated automatic Parking system recognizes equally well both parallel and perpendicular Parking spaces as well as displaying the car with a Parking space before you travel.

2017 Lincoln MKZ price

2017 Lincoln MKZ pricing

The price for the base model starts at $35,190, same price for hybrid.

2017 Lincoln MKZ facelift

2017 Lincoln MKZ video review

2017 Lincoln MKZ pictures

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