Is It Possible For Lincoln Town Car to Come Back In 2017?


At the Los Angeles auto show, the top executives of Ford announced another reformatting of the Lincoln brand; the luxury brand needs to sell more than 100,000 vehicles a year to be profitable and to be seen as a major player in the premium market.

Is It Similar or Different?


1. What’s for the Town Car Price?
2. Town Car Is Back For 2017?
3. New Platform and Designation
4. Town Car Interior Was Better?

Price of Lincoln Town Car successor in 2017 is not affordable –  $35,170 for the basic trim level, however nearly the same as the basic car of the previous generation was priced. You could expect top-end trim level price rocket up to $50,000.

Unlike the classic Lincolns, which have powerful and fuel-sucking V8 monsters, the modern car is more fuel efficient yet even more powerful, thanks to turbocharging.

The powertrain range includes turbocharged engines of EcoBoost family – 2-liter I4 producing 240 HP, or 3-liter V6 with 350-400 horsepower on board.

The Lincoln Town Car was known for one thing; soft and comfortable ride. Unprecedented levels of sound insulation and air suspension means that a trip in a Town Car is something akin to a journey on a couch. The MKZ is more like any other modern car with ‘sporty’ features – large trims and absence of air suspension means quite a harsh ride on uneven surface, though a perfect balance while cornering.

The Town Car Is Back For 2017?

The Town Car hasn’t produce since 2011, and it was, by any means, the legendary car which combines high-level comfort, durability and comparably low pricing. The first generation debuted back in 1980 and produce almost for a decade, then in 1990 the second generation appeared, stay in production for 8 years. The last generation was on sale for record-breaking 12 years.
The car was the most popular for making a limousine and for riding with a chauffeur. Nevertheless, due to sales recline, oversized body and overall tendency to saving fuel (and using SUV as a personal vehicle), kills the long-lasted model.

It isn’t clear when Lincoln plan to introduce a new model, but we expect that we won’t be seeing anything new from the manufacturer until at least mid-2017. And it seems that new Lincoln Town Car for 2017 does not manage to be relaunched. The current substitute for this legendary model is MKZ.

New Platform and Designation

The platform for the Lincoln MKZ is of course Ford, known as the Fusion sedan in America and the Mondeo in Europe. The interior is unmistakably brought from low-priced model, with common features running throughout the MKZ and the Fusion, although Lincoln say that the stylists are refining their car with more expensive materials and wider abilities of power adjustment and luxury feautres.

2011 2017
Full-size 4-door sedan car body type Mid-size 4-door sedan
Rear-wheel drive only car drive layout Front-wheel drive with optional AWD
4.6-liter Windsor V8 producing 239 HP. car engine type 2-liter turbocharged engine, 240 HP; 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, 350-400 HP.
4-speed automatic gearbox type 6-speed automatic
20 MPG combined cycle fuel consumption rating up to 26 MPG combined cycle
$46,000 – $53,000 (in 2013) car price $35,000-$50,000

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Town Car Interior Was Better?

2017 MKZ is a new car of the new generation, but could it provide the same level of interior comfort as Town Car like 6 years ago? First of all, there are no such room inside – MKZ doesn’t feature full-size body, so the legroom in the second row is not as spectacular as well.

In other aspects the Town Car successor from 2017 is way more modern, equipped with hi-tech features, has better ergonomics and more comfortable seats suitable for long journeys.

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  • Dolly Gillies Jacobs

    I drove Town Cars for 30 years and was so sad when they quit making them. Since then, I’ve had a Cadillac DTS and a Mercedes E-350 (currently). I am anxious to buy a new car but keep postponing it because of the possibility of a new production of the Town Car. However, it just keeps getting moved a little farther away. I’m waiting it out, but does anyone have any inside info on when the new Lincoln Town Car will hit the market? That’s what I really want!

    • Joe Ray Rac

      Yep, Dolly. That’s want I want too. My LTC. Big daddy noe of this small junk. I had a 1976 LTC coupe, three way gold. Now I regret selling it. But cant wait. I like the one with the suicide doors.

  • Joe Ray Rac

    I would love to see the Lincoln Town Car with suicide doors.

  • Michael-Robert de la Hoz

    Figures FOMOCO wouldn’t have the cajones to build the exquisitely gorgeous concept in some fashion. Great, more warmed over MKS/MKZ crap. Ford, are you listening? Please put Lincoln out of its misery already. After all, why build a vehicle of the caliber of the Cadillac CT6 when you can show the luxury market a complete lack of originality and innovation?

Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.5
  • Performance4.5
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.7
  • Fuel economy4.5

We expected full-size Town Car successor on the basis of brand new MKZ. The car will likely to lost its frame body and V8 engines.

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