2017 McLaren P14 Supercar – star of 2016


Family of supercars McLaren in 2016 will be supplemented by a new member in the person of 2017 McLaren P14 supercar. It is a descendant of the same series that was installed and 650s, the 675LT, which is already obsolete — we are waiting for the car on qualitatively different platform.

2017 McLaren P14 release date

According to information from insiders, the new product will be available in 2017.

2017 McLaren P14 release date: 2017

Release date: 2017

2017 McLaren P14 price

Chief McLaren designer Frank Stephenson said outwardly P14 will look “even more crazy” than the P1 hypercar, but it will retain all of the recognizable features of the British brand. As for prices, the assignee of the 650s is set to be more expensive than the current model, which currently in the UK is from from 192k to 250K pounds for the coupe and from £ 250K to 215k in Spider Roadster.

2017 McLaren P14 specs

Until about the advantages and technical properties we know little — it is only the factory index P14. The first car of this series will replace the now sold McLaren 650s installed.

As 650s installed, P14 will be submitted in the form of coupe and Roadster, a significant portion in the structure which will be baked from CFRP. Performance 3.8-liter Biturbo engine will increase, but only slightly. It is expected to be about 680 HP, which not only surpass 650s installed, but remain in the same niche and lead lines super Series, the McLaren 675LT. According to preliminary data, acceleration to 100 km/h will take of the new items in less than 3 seconds and top speed exceeds 330 km/h.

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2017 McLaren P14 video review

2017 McLaren P14 engine specs

The car will, according to many sources, will get carbon fiber body, and a V8 twin-turbo engine with displacement of 3.8L. the Expected power around 680 HP Acceleration to 100 km/h (60 mph) in less than 3 seconds with the top speed up to 330 km per hour (205 mph).

2017 McLaren P14 redesign

According to chief designer Frank Stephenson, the appearance of the supercar will be evidence of design development of the brand in General for decades. On the one hand — be seen referring to past models and “family resemblances” and development prospects and trends, progress in the new life of the brand McLaren. Will be added bright touches to the traditional design. But the specific innovations were not disclosed.

2017 McLaren P14 convertible

It is likely that in launching a new line will be added also the version with a folding top Convertibles. The body will not lose stiffness, and the weight is not greatly increased. This will help to diversify the number of models and will be effective from the point of view of sales.

2017 McLaren P14 spy shots and pictures

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