2017 Mercedes E63 AMG – 500 HP is not the limit


New photos from the photo spies. The images show 2017 Mercedes E63 AMG new generation, named W213, E-class series.

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG redesign

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG concept

Despite the large number of camouflage hiding almost the whole car, clearly seen only roof, you can effortlessly identify what new clothes tried on Mercedes E63 AMG. Starting with a new grille, with a sole massive horizontal bar and enlarged obverse bumper with a completely redesigned front air intakes.

And if you are still not convinced that a sedan capable of surprising for its speed, look at the back of the car. The lower edge of the bumper diffuser is located outputs a sports silencer, four pieces.

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG specs

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG spy shots

Loaded sedan of business-class now located closer to road. Alloy sports rims are bigger and  wear on them impressive dimensions of the sports tires. Visible the brake disks mechanism, we don’t know what sizes installed front brake discs, but judging by their size, it can be assumed that the speed of the car can easily go over 300 km/h.

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG engine specs

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG review

If we correctly interpret the external signs, it turns out that Mercedes AMG pull out another trump card from his sleeve. E63 AMG apparently winterberry will get a 4.0 liter V8 engine, with two versions of boost.

The most powerful of them is likely to be not weaker than 600 HP as the transmission with such a powerful engine, again on the assumptions that will go 7-band double-clutch gearbox and optional AWD. The optional AWD can be all over the world except the U.S., where 4WD will be offered as standard.

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG lose weight

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG facelift

Conventional models, E-Series W213, the E63 AMG will receive additional points for use of aluminium and high durable steel. Reduced body weight, but his strength, together with a rigidity to some extent will increase. Handling will improve, will increase the efficiency.

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG release date

2017 Mercedes E63 AMG price

The most powerful version of AMG, as we hope, will appear later in the second half of 2016, over a year after the presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Release date: 2nd half of 2016

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2017 Mercedes E63 AMG video review


2017 Mercedes E63 AMG pictures

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