G Wagon Is The Everlasting Legend of Mercedes Brand


G-Wagon from Mercedes, or Gelandewagen, as it known in Germany, is more than just a simple SUV. It is a legend with army roots, just like Land Rover Defender or Jeep Wrangler. But unlike them it is not spartan.

Germans bring old-school off-roader and make them a cult vehicle – loved by rappers and businessmen – and a very expensive one. There are still professional diesel versions for enthusiast, but in the USA there are POWER and only power – Supercharged V8 and V12 engines to choose.

Brick design with the combination of supercar engines makes G-wagen quite unique.

The new 2017 G Wagon vehicles are expected to hit the American showrooms late in 2016, although the new ‘Professional’ model won’t be here until early 2017.

2017 Mercedes G Wagon release date: late 2016

Update: already available for purchase

Depending on exact spec, the prices can vary greatly, but as an example, the new Mercedes G550 4X42 will start at just under $90,000.

Update: The basic G550 starting from $122,400; Mercedes-AMG versions starting from $141,400 for G63 up to $220,400 for G65 V12 (without options!) which makes it one of the most expensive SUVs.

From Diesel to Serious Power

There’s lots of new things in the G Wagon line up, firstly there is the G350d Professional, which has been described by Mercedes as for the purist and for serious off road or professional use. It combines a great mixture of G Wagon SUV with utility, and as such, it loses some of the nicer refinements – gone are the leather, carpets and chrome for example.

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Engine choices in the rest of the range remain the same; G550 – 416 BHP V8, AMG G63 – 563 BHP V8 and the AMG G65 – 621 BHP V12.

The new G550 4X42 is near identical to the standard G550, but uses portal axles to raise the ride height to over 17” and increase the width by 9” at the front and 10” at the rear – it’s a serious off roader.

Brutal Luxury

As standard, all of the G’s will be fitted with some great tech; 8” display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi and real time traffic alerts, but there will be other options like a SIM card reader and USB / iPod docking systems.

There will also be the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System fitted as standard in the U.S.; in the event of an accident, the system automatically calls a Mercedes-Benz response center and can give them information such as location (GPS coordinates), direction of travel and the time of the collision.

The new 2017 range will also see other minor updates, things like a new set of 19” or 20” rims and an Anthracite trim to compliment the darker exterior colors.

Editor's rating
4.4 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.7
  • Design4.5
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy3.8

The legendary Gelandewagen is refuse to pass out - Mercedes-Benz is constantly updating its grandpa, adding more powerful engines and more gizmos.

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