2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG is a restyling of the German coupe roadster


West German concern Mercedes in the automobile show held in Los Angeles, introduced the world to the updated Roadster Mercedes-Benz SL 2016. The car will be available in early 2016, and from April will start its European sales.

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG redesign

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG facelift

Look of facelifted “SL” seriously modified. Particularly hard updates have affected the front part of the model, which began to resemble the sport “AMG GT”. The cars were extremely similar led optics, mindalore stretched along the border of the wings. The grille got a brand star, is located on a wide horizontal strip of chrome. Changed shape and bumper, having a more angular shape. The front was a place a structural intake, filling up almost the entire space of the bumper. Rectangular pipes on the exhaust system took the side of the rear diffuser. Individually all the stylistic changes can be described as a little touches, but together they form quite a considerable transformation.

The Roadster got a hard folding roof that can completely run a loop folding in 20 seconds. In motion this action can be done only if the drive speed is below 40 km/h.

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2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG Dimensions

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG engine specs

  • length – 4622 mm,
  • width – 1877 mm,
  • height – 1315 mm,
  • wheelbase – 2585 mm.

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG interior

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG concept

The car left a very good impression. The model has an elegant streamlined shape, the presence of which will have a positive impact not only on the perception of the car, but its aerodynamic characteristics.

The interior of the new Mercedes resembles the cockpit of a modern airliner. It abounds in many electronic devices, switches and sensors. Between the Central ducts of the console harmoniously blended with a large display on-Board multimedia system “COMAND Online”. Just below it, on the transition between console and the tunnel, there was a place the selector of the electronic system “Dynamic Select” immediate control buttons and the climate system. The steering wheel rim was severely flattened at the bottom. The solution is quite logical, along with maintaining sports interior style, saving space for the driver’s feet.

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG equipment

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG video review

Boarding the cockpit of the Roadster is quite cozy. The seats provide excellent comfort boarding, also they are endowed with multi-adjustments and is able to remember settings. The instrument panel combines analogue dials tucked away in a slightly recessed “wells”, with a bright color screen. Note used for finishing materials of high quality – leather and carbon fiber. At the height of the ergonomic component, as all the instrumental and technical content are located in the most convenient places. Even the basic level of equipment of the car will offer its owner a wide variety of electronic systems, multi sensors, rear view camera, heated seats, mirrors and windows and much more.

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG engine and specs

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG specs

Technical characteristics of the updated Mercedes SL65 AMG 2017 confirm the amazing variety of configurations. The front suspension of a Roadster, as before, has double-wishbone structure, rear – five-arm, both axles, of course, fully independent. For sale the car will be offered in four different versions:

Mercedes SL 400 has received a 3.0-liter bi-turbo engine with six cylinders arranged in a V-shape. This engine is able to develop 367 “horses” at 500 N*m of torque. Working in tandem with 9-speed automatic “9G-Tronic”, the motor is capable to disperse the car to hundreds of miles in 4.9 seconds.

Mercedes SL 500 will be powered by a V8 engine with 4.7 litre. With a capacity of 455 horsepower with a torque of 700 N*m. the Transmission mounted to a pair unit, fully similar to the one used in the SL 400. Such a combination accelerates to one hundred km/h in 4.3 seconds.

Charged modification of the SL 63 AMG will have under the hood the 5.5-liter V8 engine “Twin Turbo” with maximum impact on the level of 585 HP at 900 N*m of torque.

Top Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG 2016-2017 got power unit c V12 6.0 liters of displacement, and adding to system “Twin Turbo”. This will allow you to have the 630 horsepower with a torque of 1000 N*m. both modifications of “AMG” in the Arsenal 7-speed automatic gearbox “7G-TRONIC PLUS”. The best time of dispersal to hundred, which is able to demonstrate the Mercedes SL in a new body, is 4.0 seconds.

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2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG Price and release date

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG spy shots

Want to buy Mercedes SL entry level with an index of “400” will have to pay 98.8 thousand euros, charged “AMG-65” will cost 240.8 thousand.

Mercedes-AMG SL 65 sales will start in April of 2016.

Release date: spring 2016

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG video review

2017 Mercedes SL65 AMG pictures and spy shots


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