2017 MINI Clubman Become Bigger Size Crossover


The very original MINI dates back to 1959, and was considered somewhat revolutionary when Sir Alec Issigonis first penned the designs. By mounting the engine in a transverse style (across the car), it meant that nearly 80% of the floorpan area could be used for passengers; this meant that the engineers could really squeeze the package to make it as small as possible while still being able to carry at least four passengers – the original MINI was just 120.2” in overall length – actually shorter than many of the mid-size sedans wheelbase at the time. The new MINI Clubman measures 168.3” (about four feet longer!).

The 2017 MINI Clubman is already at your local MINI dealer, or go online and configure one from start to finish, all ready for your order.

2017 MINI Clubman release date: already available

The basic MINI Clubman starts at a little over $24,000, rising up to just over $35,000, but the good news is that MINI can offer you up to 60 months of 0% finance through their own scheme – now is definitely the time to be getting in there.

Inside World

Under the hood is a small but peppy 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbo motor knocking out just shy of 130 horses – nothing to set the world alight, but enough to be usable. It drives all four wheels and comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, of course auto is the on tick sheet for options. Other things that come as standard are 6.5” center screen, Bluetooth, 15” wheels, 8 airbags and a leather look ‘Sensatec’ leatherette upholstery. MINI actually say that the 2017 Clubman is the largest and most sophisticated MINI ever built. Well, yes, but only if you’re prepared to add a few thousands bucks extra to the starting price, otherwise it’s pretty ordinary still.

There are lots of good things about the new Clubman and there is a huge amount of great tech fitted as you go further up the ranges and trim levels. This isn’t so much of an issue because the starting price is pretty low – look at as an opportunity, a building block with which to play with as you add your own style to it. Truth be told, pinning down once specific model in a set trim is difficult with MINI; choices are nearly endless and unlimited, even if it’s just Union Jack (or more correctly, Union Flag) door mirrors. However, looking at the absolute base model Clubman as it rolls out of the showroom gives us the following information.

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.6
  • Performance4.4
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.5

New 2017 Clubman is well equipped, good looking, but it's not so mini anymore - the size is not an advantage anymore.

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