2017 MINI Cooper Get One More Couple Of Doors


Where do we start with the 2017 MINI Cooper?

The original MINI was designed by (Sir) Alec Issigonis, all the way back in 1959, it was designed to be cheap, reliable and small transport that could fit a family. It fitted the bill pretty well, especially the ‘small’ bit.

When BMW brought the MINI brand, we expected big things, and that was quite literally what we got; big.

After a few decades absence from the U.S., the MINI brand was reintroduced in 2002, and has sold pretty well, despite being positively oversize from the original, its small and cute compared to much of the bloated vehicles out there.

MINI’s are super customizable, but be wary of the prices; even though many of the options are relatively cheap (a few hundred dollars or so), it’s easy to rack those numbers.

The 2017 MINI Cooper is available now.

2017 MINI Cooper release date: available


Pricing structures are really where MINI comes into their own. The base model is around $21,000, the top end model is in the region of $36,000, but… (and it’s a very big but)… options are the key to MINI sales; the standard equipment is OK, and for 2017, MINI upgraded the standard equipment but the options list goes on and on – a fully loaded John Cooper Works Convertible could push closer to $40,000.

As an example, you could have 15”, 16”, 17” or 18” wheels, all as an option.

Difference in Size

Style wise, very little has changed with the new 2017 Cooper, although it is actually bigger; 4.5” longer, 1.7” wider and 0.3” taller. Comparing the previous generation with this one, you will notice a difference, but it isn’t obvious. The extra length is mainly at the front – it has a longer nose thanks to updated crash protection regulations.

MINI have restyled the headlamps and the tail lights and added clear turn-signals, otherwise, it’s pretty much the same.

New Equipment but Same Engines

Fitted as standard on all the 2017 models will be the media package featuring MINI Connected. This will give you a front armrest, 6.5” screen and Bluetooth with connectivity to your smart phone.
Powertrains remain the same; 1.5 liter 3-cylinder, 2.0 liter in-line 4 and another 2.0 liter in-line 4, all turbocharged and power ranges from 124 BHP to a rather mad 228 BHP, power will be sent to the road through a 6-speed manual or auto transmission. All4 is MINI’s version of all-wheel drive, it will be available on the higher end models, or as another option ($1,800).

Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.5
  • Performance4.7
  • Design4.7
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.3

The new MINI has only a few new features but has been increased in size, making it the most spacious generation of a legendary compact car.

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