2017 Mini Paceman: unusual coupe-crossover


Brand Mini multiplies and less and less lives up to its tiny name. No giants in a model row of the British producer yet, but the “growth hormone” can be traced for a long time. MINI Countryman, MINI Clubman and finally the Mini Paceman B-class crossover, which lead to competion with another Englishman — the Range Rover Evoque.

2017 Mini Paceman release date

2017 Mini Paceman review

Although the manufacturer did not say anything certain on the car release date and not even named the date of the pre-production model show, it is expected that the update will be shown before the end of 2016.

Release date: end of 2016

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2017 Mini Paceman redesign

2017 Mini Paceman interior

It is noteworthy that if even without going into the technical specifications look at the initial cost of each of these Brits, the comparison seems not quite correct.

For starters, the three-door crossover Range Rover Evoque slightly longer wheelbase and wider track, the length and width of the body and it is also a bit larger than 2017 Mini Paceman. But the main thing is the ground clearance of the Range Rover Evoque brand is impressive off-road and 215 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear. Mini Paceman offers just 140 mm clearance, 10 mm below related Mini Countryman. But unlike the Range Rover Evoque, which two-liter petrol turbo-row-four provides 240 HP, 2017 Mini Paceman has the same engine, but with the volume of 1.6 liters under the hood of Pacman pumps three different power values with the maximum return 218 HP

Well, both three-doors have attractive, bright and more importantly very original design, and of course, the choice of each depends on individual taste preferences.

2017 Mini Paceman coupe-body

2017 Mini Paceman facelift

Coupe, by definition, may not be practical and it becomes obvious when you open the third door. Hence it makes no sense to complain about useful volume, which might seem insufficient, on the other hand — for shopping and visiting the clubs of the size of the trunk at the time.

2017 Mini Paceman interior

2017 Mini Paceman redesign

Side doors of Mini Paceman grew in the size and consequently there is no problem to adult to get back on the sofa, you just need to tilt the backrest forward and move the whole thing to the front panel. 2017 Mini Pacman’s Rear sofa is divided into two sections in which to sit very comfortably. Of the facilities here there is nothing but a second hatch that doesn’t open, but allows you to bathe in the rays of the sun.

The Mini Paceman style is special, something Spartan: cool leather expensive chairs are not powered. But the electric windows buttons moved to the door panels — it’s great. Custom design Mini Pacmen as well as some decisions nullifying any criticism on this issue — where the car can be seen in the center a huge Bank of analogue speedometer with incredibly concise red arrow?

Just behind the steering wheel of the Mini Pacman is another dish analog tachometer, the center of which the electronic display is mirroring speed. Where can you find the tumblers except in aviation, which in Pacman you can control a number of functions and do so with aesthetic pleasure? Despite the fact that the seats in Pasman is first of all the design elements, but they are actually very comfortable.

Any Mini, which is the Latin abbreviation S is capable of giving a special feeling sitting behind the wheel. This contributes to the technical genius of BMW, which very quickly reacts to the movement of the gas pedal.

2017 Mini Paceman engine technical specs

2017 Mini Paceman video review

  • Engine size (petrol turbo) 1.6 l;
  • power 184 HP;
  • torque 260 Nm @ 1600 rpm;
  • transmission 6-speed hydromechanical automatic;
  • max. speed 212 km/h;
  • the acceleration from 0 to 100 and 7.8 sec;
  • average fuel consumption of 7.1 l

Younger version, without supercharger, of this engine produces 122 HP, while the elder turbo-version — 218 HP. If even a 184-horsepower Mini Paceman faster than 240-horsepower Evoque by 0.9 seconds, its top version with index JCW does not go to any comparison by dynamics.

2017 Mini Paceman dynamics

2017 Mini Paceman spy shots

Don’t forget that the 2017 Mini Paceman is no more than illusion and in its essence this is coupled with the light makings of a crossover (an interesting and unusual symbiosis), at the time as the Range Rover Evoque is a real touring terrain with the selectable four-wheel drive transmission for different types of roads.

Steering Mini Paceman precise and sharp, but the car is soft and on the road with a bad surface will shake out all soul. Despite the fact that the 6 speed automatic transmission is fast enough it still has a Sport mode. On the Pacman steering wheel there are petals and each of them is responsible for reduced and for increased transmission, which is very convenient with active steering.

Pacman is a very interesting car and especially on the part of the thrust of the turbo engine, transmission rate, stability and controllability. But the price these inclinations are quite high and with good filling of the interior can reach the level price of mid-size crossovers such as the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and even the Mitsubishi Pajero.

But the charm of this car is quite different and all those listed in off-roads there is half the fun of driving, which gives the Mini Paceman, moreover, all of these vehicles most of their life are carried out on the pavement and within close cities.

2017 Mini Paceman video review

2017 Mini Paceman pictures

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